Abbey is the first dungeon of Kricktria that players have access to in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser. This marks the appearances of the new protagonist, Kyle, and Cindy, as well as the return of the Grand Chase characters, Arme Glenstid and Kassias Grandiel.

After seeing the meteor fell last night, Kyle and Cindy went to follow the light emanating from the forest on top of the mountain. They found an unconscious girl guarded by their enemy Rocco. After saving the girl, they brought her to their teacher.

Unbeknownst to them, Arme is a Grand Chase member which Kyle has been dreaming to meet since he was told of their adventures by his teacher. When Arme regained her senses, she immediately recognized the wizard that sacrificed his life for Aernas, Kassias Grandiel, much to her surprise. Noticing the confusion in their faces, Grandiel ordered Kyle and Cindy to pick a flower petal from Mandragora.

On their way back home, Cindy saw the Abbey in flames. Sneaking their way inside and fighting the invaders, they made it to Arme and Grandiel already cornered by Belile and his subordinates. Kyle attempted to attack the demon commander but was extremely hurt by his lightning attack.

They were able to escape through Grandiel's power but the soul energy of Kyle is in fatal condition. To save Kyle's life, the group embarks on a journey to the Forest of Life to seek Nephilim.


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