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Ronan, a descendant of the highest house of Magic Swordsmen in Kanavan, the House of Erudon, has received the highest praise and glory in the war against Kaze'aze.

However, great evil has taken hold over the Bermesiah Continent once again, and as an unknown, mysterious new continent appears, Ronan is once again thrust headlong into a perilous situation. Throughout the ongoing melee, Ronan relied upon the strength of his pedigree but just when he thought he had reached his limit a mysterious guardian of chaos was summoned by the House of Erudon and instructed to deliver a forbidden magical weapon to Ronan. This weapon was none other than the Tyrfing, a sword of immense power that can only be held with magical gloves.

The Tyrfing is a cursed blade that amplifies the powers of a swordsman when his powers are at their weakest. The amplification comes at a cost though. Rather than simply allowing anyone to wield the blade without regard to safety, the blade feeds on its wielder’s life. Anyone not ready to wield a Tyrfing will soon regret ever picking up the blade.

Ronan, who had trained hard and freed the continent from the grasp of evil, has attained the rank of the strongest class of the Magic Swordsmen, Abyss Knight, and is stepping forward to end the chaos of the new continent.

An Abyss Knight is a member of the strongest class of Magic Swordsmen. The Abyss Knight wields the Tyrfing, a weapon which amplifies the Magic Swordsman's skills, and wears a glove with a magic orb to amplify his magical abilities. With a more developed sense of restraint and connected magic he can actively release his attacks with terminal precision. The result of this amplified magic is a combo that can still incorporate varied and powerful magic which increases the charge and destructive power of the Magic Swordsman's skills.

On a basic level the Abyss Knight can only fight 1:1 or only against a small number of enemies, but since he makes use of different battle styles, he can gather his opponents in one spot with his magic and summon a Valkyrie to defeat all of them in one single strike.

And if the strategy described above fails, an Abyss Knight can release the powers of Erudon's Tryfing, granting him an aura around that punishes all the opponents who try to corner him by raining massive amounts of ethereal swords on them.


It is necessary to be level forty (40) to be able to participate in Fourth (4th) Job Promotion.

"To you who will have to make it through the world's chaos, another trial awaits. However, do not be afraid. By testing your limits and the dimensions of your growth you will be even more prepared."

"I have been watching over your activities up until now. As expected, you have proven to be the best of the knights born into Kanavan and the House of Erudon. I will give you the strength to overcome this task."

"You, the strongest Magic Swordsman, are the closest to becoming an Abyss Knight. This is the fate you have been given. In the name of the Abyss, punish all evil."

- Head of Erudon -

Abyss Knight Mission

GP Mission

(Cost 18,000 GP)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • Slay 250 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.

Part 5

Cash Mission

(Costs 11,800 cash)


Game Start

"As a knight, you should not show your back!"
"You are at your limit!"

When Attacking

"Mono Volt!"
"Dust Chip!"
"Raising Thrust!"
"Soul Blaze!"


"Shadow Stinger!"
"Rock Blaster!"
"Tornado Stinger!"
"Soul Wave!"
"Abyss Storm!"
"Heaven's Guardian!"
"Tempest Blade!"


"Why don't you just give up?"
"You don't have the conviction of a knight!"

Game End

"This is your limit!"
"It's just a difference of level."

Basic Movements

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZZ Basic Combo Ronan swings his sword twice then thrusts multiple times before thrusting once more.
During/After basic combo, Arrow RArrow R+Z Critical/Double Attack Ronan slams the ground with his gauntlet, creating a magic pillar that knocks the opponent upward, then swings his arm to strike the opponent again with a wave of magic.
During basic combo/dash attack,Arrow U+ZZ Air Combo Ronan performs a low swing, then leaps up while striking the opponent with his gauntlet to knock them into the air, then releases a burst of magic against them.
During the basic combo, Arrow D+ZZ Magic Combo Ronan creates a magic sphere with his gauntlet then creates a magic pillar to knock the opponent upward.
Arrow U+Z Jump Attack Ronan jumps up and swings his blade downward.
Arrow U+Arrow D+Z Or after Jump Attack Jump Magic Attack Ronan jumps up and releases a burst of magic from his gauntlet.
Arrow RArrow R Dash Ronan dashes forward. Holding down the key causes him to run.
Arrow U+Arrow RArrow R Air Dash After jumping, Ronan dashes in midair.
Arrow RArrow R+ZZ Dash Attack While dashing, Ronan thrusts thrice.
Arrow RArrow R+Arrow L+ZZ Raising Thrust While dashing, Ronan turns around summons a vertical rune sword from the ground that blocks arrows and firebolts, then releases a horizontal spike from his gauntlet. Consumes MP per use.
Z+Arrow U Force Gather Ronan gathers magic and compresses it into a sphere.
With Force Gather charge, Z+Arrow R Mono Volt Ronan consumes Force Gather to shoot two beams in front of him. The opponent struck cannot use skills for 5 seconds.
With Force Gather charge, Z+Arrow D Dust Chip Ronan consumes Force Gather to drop three magic landmines that creates a minor explosion and reduce MP when stepped on or after a few seconds.
With Force Gather charge, Z+Arrow U Soul Blaze Ronan consumes Force Gather to conjure a portal that pulls every nearby opponent onto its positon while damaging them. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
C + Arrow U Erudon's Tyrfing Ronan summons Erudon's Tryfing, dealing damage with its initial thrust.
Arrow R+Z Grab Ronan kicks his opponent to the ground then releases a burst of magic against their chest.
(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)

Erudon's Tyrfing

Erudon's Tyrfing
Ronan Erudon's bars

1st bar: the gauge is not filled yet. 2nd bar: the gauge is full and Erudon's Tyrfing is ready to be summoned. 3rd bar: Erudon's Tyrfing is active, and the gauge is depleting itself.

Abyss Knight's rune gauge fills itself slowly over time. Once the rune bar is completely filled, Ronan can summon Erudon's Tyrfing by pressing C + Arrow U. While Erudon's Tyrfing is active, Ronan retains all of his specials and his basic moveset, yet gains a 10% attack boost, an aura around him raining ethereal swords that strike opponents inside the aura at random intervals, in a similiar way to Hell Spears, and his eyes will turn into a bright skyblue. Once the gauge is emptied, the Tyrfing will disappear. Using a special will temporarily freeze the rune bar, but it will stop the ethereal swords from raining on the opponents as well. Pressing C + Arrow U again will remove the aura immediately.
Keystrokes Name Effect
C + Arrow U Remove Erudon's Tyrfing Ronan's Erudon's Tyrfing disappears, leaving him back with his normal Tyrfing.


Spell Sword

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

Shadow Stinger

Ronan throws his Tyrfing in air, catches it and slices forward once; then repeatedly jabs the opponent and finishes off with a thrust.
LVL 2 Basic

Rock Blaster

Ronan fires two blasts from his gauntlet, then leaps up to barrage the enemy with more blasts. The last blast is more powerful and generates an explosion.
LVL 3 Basic

Tornado Stinger

Ronan throws a spinning array of ethereal rune blades forward. At the apex of their travelling distance, they continously spin on the spot before returning to Ronan.
LVL 4 Special

Tempest Blade

Ronan gains a spherical shroud of swords that continue to orbit around him in all directions, damaging enemies who come into the skill's range. At the skill's climax, the shroud explodes, dealing damage and knocking down nearby enemies. Ronan is unable to use skills or attack for the duration of this buff, although he is invulnerable while this skill is active. The buff lasts for 15 seconds.

White Magic

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

Soul Wave

Ronan creates a wave of magic on the ground that pushing enemies away which then erupt into magic pillars that knock opponents back to him.
LVL 2 Basic

Abyss Storm

Ronan summons a deadly tornado around him.
LVL 3 Basic

Heaven's Guardian

Ronan summons an enchanted version of Soul Blaze along with a Valkyrie. The portal drags the opponents in the optimal spot for the Valkyrie to hit them with a magical explosive arrow.
LVL 4 Special

Tempest Blade

Ronan gains a spherical shroud of swords that continue to orbit around him in all directions, damaging enemies who come into the skill's range. At the skill's climax, the shroud explodes, dealing damage and knocking down nearby enemies. Ronan is unable to use skills or attack for the duration of this buff, although he is invulnerable while this skill is active. The buff lasts for 15 seconds.


ABK Black 3

Old Tornado Stinger

ABK White 2

Old Abyss Storm

ABK White 3

Old Heaven's Guardian

  • Before the Erudon Weapons revamp, Tornado Stinger originally circled around Ronan as he leaped forward before sending the ethereal swords diagonally upward to pierce the opponent.
  • Before the Erudon Weapons revamp, Abyss Storm originally struck in front of Ronan.
  • Before the Erudon Weapons revamp, Heaven's Guardian consisted of Ronan throwing waves of energy while the Valkyrie fired several arrows before the two combined their power to create a charged arrow.
  • Abyss Knight is also known as the Knight of Chaos.
  • Abyss Knight's third grade attack name, Heaven's Guardian, was later reused for Druid's fourth grade attack.
  • Abyss Knight's fourth grade attack name, Tempest Blade, was later reused for Spell Knight's Erudon's Sword's third grade attack.
  • Strangely, despite being listed as a swordsman ability, Rock Blaster does not use sword attacks in any way.
  • Ironically, Abyss Knight falls under the order of chaos though Ronan fights for good.
  • Abyss Knight and Dragon Knight are Ronan's only classes that do not possess a support buff.
  • The Valkyrie Guardian has her own Armor, Arm Ornaments and Wings.
  • A Tyrfing (or Tirfing) is initially a magical sword that is figured in a poem; a cursed blade that forces the user to kill someone every time it is drawn.
    • The Tyrfing's description may be a reference to the poem, as nearly everyone who wielded it supposedly died.
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