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Recommended BP/TAP: 6,000

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear within 2 min 30 secs.
  • Clear with 3 hero deaths or less.

Recommended BP/TAP: 33,800

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Damage Received 18,700 or Lower.
  • Clear with 2 hero deaths or less.

Recommended BP/TAP: 71,700

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Damage Received 57,400 or Lower.
  • When cleared, the heroes HP must be 50% or higher.

Recommended BP/TAP: 99,700

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths.
  • Deal 140,640 DPS.

Abbey Back Door


"It's a disaster! The demons have invaded the abbey!"


Kylek.png Kyle: Ugh... What's with the dust... Cough cough... This is our home. Why are we going through the back door?
Cindyk.png Cindy: It can't be helped. There are scary looking monsters guarding the front. We need to first find the teacher and Arme. They're probably hiding somewhere inside.

Cindyk.png Cindy: The monsters are...
Kylek.png Kyle: Hm... Those guys look smaller than the ones outside... Let's take them down before more of them show up!
Cindyk.png Cindy: Wait, let's look around a bit more before...
Kylek.png Kyle: Hey, you! You guys are ready to be taught a lesson since you guys entered someone's home without permission, right?
Rookie Goblin Soldier: It's the kids. Capture them!
Cindyk.png Cindy: Oh my god! I can't believe you!

Marjoramk.png Marjoram: To mobilize the commanders just to capture one girl...
Fennilk.png Fennel: Don't... say that... Even... rabbits... will use... full power... against a tiger.
Marjoramk.png Marjoram: It's the opposite. You stupid idiot! A rabbit will use their full power to escape.
Fennilk.png Fennel: Fennel... not stupid... Also... commanders... should not... discuss... these things... together.
Marjoramk.png Marjoram: That's sweet coming from a commander that can barely speak properly... I doubt there will be any issues. Either way, pay attention and do your work!
Kylek.png Kyle: They look... really strong...
Cindyk.png Cindy: Thankfully, it looks like they went somewhere else.
Kylek.png Kyle: Good! Now's our chance!



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Prologue Mouspia
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