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Recommended BP/TAP: 255,800

  • Dungeon 1st Clear
  • Use Party Skill 0 times
  • Clear Dungeon without Tank Hero

Recommended BP/TAP: 289,800

  • Dungeon 1st Clear
  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Escort Ramblin Archer

Recommended BP/TAP: 319,000

  • Dungeon 1st Clear
  • Deal 765,630 DPS
  • Clear Dungeon without Tank Hero

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Power Supply Returns


"You thought you could escape?"


Amyk Amy: Ah.. I'm hungry and tired...
Ryank Ryan: Speaking of, we just kept fighting without a proper meal.
Leyk Ley: Don't worry, once we get to my mansion, I'll present you with the delicacies of the Demon World.
Ronank Ronan: Delicacies of the Demon World...
Ronank Ronan: That is truly exciting.
Jink Jin: Strange, I haven't heard anything from Kyle...
Kylek Kyle: !!
Kylek Kyle: Ah... I was just hungry.
Kylek Kyle: I want to get to Ley's mansion.
Elesisk Elesis: ......

Elesisk Elesis: Is this it?
Lirek Lire: It doesn't look as outlandish as I had imagined.
Leyk Ley: This is it...
Leyk Ley: But I think it is off.
Cindyk Cindy: Huh? Then what do we do?
Leyk Ley: I don't know, how am I supposed to know how this works?
Armek Arme: ...You don't know?
Marik Mari: Over there.
Marik Mari: I think if we use that device, it should turn on.
Ronank Ronan: Good thing Mari is here.
Jink Jin: I-Is something wrong?
Marik Mari: Is this...?
Jink Jin: Whoa! What's this...?
Kushan: Hahahaha! I have been waiting for you.
Lassk Lass: He's from the power room...
Kushan: You think you would walk out of here alive after humiliating me like that?
Kushan: I will fight you with my true form!

To Crimson River..


"Welcome to Crimson River!"


Elesisk Elesis: Is everyone alright?
Lirek Lire: Sigh... That was a rough battle.
Marik Mari: I will start the system.
Ryank Ryan: Just go through that?
Leyk Ley: Yeah, normally we go through on a monorail but we have no choice.
Amyk Amy: This is safe, right? I'm kind of scared...
Jink Jin: Don't worry, I'll protect you.
Armek Arme: How are you going to protect her without any magic...?
Elesisk Elesis: Let's go to Ley's mansion.

Armek Arme: Is this the Crimson River?
Lirek Lire: Wow, such a beautiful place.
Ryank Ryan: I've never seen a river this big.
Ryank Ryan: I kind of pictured flowing lava when I heard Demon World...




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Demon World Station
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