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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Betrayer's Identity


"Huhu, you are here."


Leyk Ley: Up here is my father's room.
Lirek Lire: I hope nothing happened.
Leyk Ley: Don't worry, father and Jeeves are no push overs.
Cindyk Cindy: I have a question, what's the Moderates and Hardliners?
Leyk Ley: In the Demon World, there are two factions. The Moderates who will destroy only worlds that are at the brink of destruction, and the Hardliners who will destroy all the worlds.
Leyk Ley: Originally the Hardliners, the faction led by Heitaros, was much stronger.
Leyk Ley: But when Heitaros was wounded severely 2,000 years ago and Veigas became its new leader, the current balance was made.
Leyk Ley: But how did Heitaros come back all of a sudden when he couldn't recover for 2,000 years?

Butler Daniel: Huhu, you made it here, lady...
Leyk Ley: ...You?
Butler Daniel: Yes.
Leyk Ley: Why did you do this?
Butler Daniel: I was already the servant of Heitaros 2,000 years ago when I first came here.
Butler Daniel: I am glad I can finally help him.
Leyk Ley: No way...
Leyk Ley: Where are father and Jeeves?
Butler Daniel: You will find out when you defeat me.

Leyk Ley: Now, tell me where they are.
Butler Daniel: Huhuhu, it's too late.
Butler Daniel: Peter Von Crimson River and Jeeves have already been dealt with by Pino.
Butler Daniel: I'm sure they're already locked up in Purgatory.
Jink Jin: (Pino?)
Jink Jin: (Well, it's a common name...)
Leyk Ley: No... not Purgatory...
Armek Arme: What is this Purgatory?
Leyk Ley: It's a Demon World prison that you cannot escape from unless you are dead.
Leyk Ley: There was only 1 being that managed to escape it in the last tens of thousand years.
Leyk Ley: I can't believe father is locked up in there...
Butler Daniel: Worry about yourself first.
Butler Daniel: This explosion will alert all the troops to advance towards the mansion.
Elesisk Elesis: A trap...?

Juliak Yulia: Yellow, successfully infiltrated the mansion.
Juliak Yulia: I will proceed to eliminate the target.

Lirek Lire: What should we do? Someone's already here.
Ryank Ryan: Let's get out of here!
Armek Arme: But where do we go once we get out of here?
???: I'll help you.




  • In the English version, Ley's text in one of her speech bubbles is cut out (bolded above), likely due to the size of the bubble. The entire line in the Korean version is as follows: "마족들은 수명이 다한 세계만을 파괴하는 온건파와 모든 세계를 파괴하려하는 강경파로나뉘지."


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