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  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Chaos of Underworld


"No report! Let's take care of it on our own."




Underworld First Lord 1: What? There's less damage because it didn't fall in the middle of the city?
Underworld First Lord 1: I should be thankful for small mercies?
Underworld First Lord 1: Anyone can say those flattering words!
Underworld First Lord 2: Yeah.
Underworld First Lord 2: It fell on the border so the outlaws will take everyone!
Underworld First Lord 2: I would rather want it to fall in the city instead of letting them take everything.
Underworld First Lord 1: That's what I'm saying.
Underworld First Lord 1: I don't know if it makes sense to dispatch an investigation team.
Underworld First Lord 1: The train will only have the frame before the investigation team even gets there.
Underworld First Lord 2: But we can't leave a bad example.
Underworld First Lord 2: Shouldn't we show them not to touch the properties of the city?
Underworld First Lord 1: Why do you think they're called outlaws?
Underworld First Lord 1: Do you think they will be frightened when they don't even follow the laws?
Underworld First Lord 1: Hm, still...
Underworld First Lord 1: Since it's not hard to gather soldiers, I'll get royal permission and form an investigation team.
Underworld First Lord 2: Is there a need to get royal permission when it's not even a big deal?
Underworld First Lord 2: Let's skip the process.
Underworld First Lord 1: Hahaha. Then shall we?
Underworld First Lord 3: Oh no.
Underworld First Lord 3: There's a big problem.
Underworld First Lord 1: Why are you panting?
Underworld First Lord 3: I checked the other trains just in case...
Underworld First Lord 3: But there is another train that entered the Abyss of Demon World and it's inaccessible.
Underworld First Lord 2: H-How did that...
Underworld First Lord 2: Are you saying it might lead to another big accident?
Underworld First Lord 1: Something's up.
Underworld First Lord 1: I will gather soldiers and go to the underworld station.
Underworld First Lord 1: Please form an investigation team for me.
Underworld First Lord 2: Yes, sir.




Kylek Kyle: Ugh. W-where am I?
Ryank Ryan: Kyle you are awake!
Lassk Lass: You seem fine for now.
Ryank Ryan: Ahhh, I feel alive again.
Ryank Ryan: I thought we were all going to die.
Limek Lime: It's good that no one got hurt...
Limek Lime: I bet the goddess was watching over us.
Ryank Ryan: Anyways, where are we?
Lassk Lass: Are we in the right place?
Rufusk Rufus: ......
Rufusk Rufus: We are kind of in the underworld.
Leyk Ley: Underworld is underworld.
Leyk Ley: What do you mean by kind of in the underworld?
Rufusk Rufus: This is the border of the underworld.
Rufusk Rufus: This isn't what normal people would call underworld.
Sieghartk Sieghart: It's a awful border. There's nothing around it.
Armek Arme: It might be a good thing.
Armek Arme: We might get into trouble if underworld people find alive people.
Elesisk Elesis: But we can't stay here forever.
Elesisk Elesis: We don't have a lot of time.
Elesisk Elesis: We don't know when Heitaros will attack underworld.
Lirek Lire: Elesis is right.
Lirek Lire: It would take a lot of time to prepare an invasion...
Lirek Lire: We should hurry.
Lassk Lass: We have to meet the high class of underworld before Heitaros.
Elesisk Elesis: What do you think Rufus?
Rufusk Rufus: ......
Rufusk Rufus: Didn't I tell you I'm not interested?
Elesisk Elesis: We don't know this place very well.
Elesisk Elesis: So we want your help.
Rufusk Rufus: What do I gain from it?
Elesisk Elesis: You can lessen the sense of debt you have.
Rufusk Rufus: Debt? To you guys?
Lassk Lass: Doesn't matter. He's not going to listen to us...
Rufusk Rufus: ......
Rufusk Rufus: I don't want to...
Rufusk Rufus: But I hate to be in debt.
Rufusk Rufus: If you write off the debt, I will help.
Ryank Ryan: Good!
Ryank Ryan: But, I think...
Ryank Ryan: We don't necessarily have to meet the high class.
Ryank Ryan: Wouldn't there be other people we can talk to?
Rufusk Rufus: There is a gate that separates the city from the border.
Rufusk Rufus: There is no way you can deliver your message to the city from here.
Ryank Ryan: Is that right? I thought it was a good idea...
Rufusk Rufus: It seems like you are making a big mistake so let me correct you.
Rufusk Rufus: In underworld, demons' influence is absolute.
Rufusk Rufus: High rank people already fell for Demon World.
Rufusk Rufus: To be exact, they fell for Heitaros.
Armek Arme: What?

Ground of Starving People


"Don't want to fall behind...!"


Rufusk Rufus: Nothing will change if you just stay here like this.
Rufusk Rufus: First, let's leave this place.
Leyk Ley: Where are we going?
Rufusk Rufus: Train crashes are not normal. It will catch everyone's attention.
Rufusk Rufus: And it will be annoying if we meet the outlaws.
Ronank Ronan: Outlaws? There are people like that?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Come to think of it, didn't he say the city can't control the border?
Sieghartk Sieghart: An empty space that can't be controlled...
Sieghartk Sieghart: It's natural for thieves to form.

Lirek Lire: We should be careful. I think they are very hungry.
Ryank Ryan: I hate starving too...

Ronank Ronan: Are you okay?
Hydek Hyde: I'm alive!
Hydek Hyde: Thank you. Huh?
Armek Arme: You were in the underworld train...
Armek Arme: Telling us that you will take our lives.
Hydek Hyde: Y-you are mistaken.
Leyk Ley: I think she's right.
Hydek Hyde: I'm sorry!
Hydek Hyde: I don't have any power.
Hydek Hyde: I did what my boss told me to do.
Hydek Hyde: I didn't have any bad feelings for you guys.
Ronank Ronan: Well, everyone has their own reason.
Ronank Ronan: I think it would be dangerous to go by yourself...
Ronank Ronan: Do you want to come with us until you find a safe place?
Hydek Hyde: Are you taking me with you?
Hydek Hyde: Thank you very much!
Jink Jin: I don't really want to...



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