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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???



"Never forgot you... Even for a moment!"


Hydek Hyde: We have no other choice...
Hydek Hyde: But a poor village like this.
Hydek Hyde: I'm worried I might get their poorness and laziness on me.
Leyk Ley: You discriminate a lot as a Haros.
Hydek Hyde: It's not just Haros here.
Hydek Hyde: There might be more soul slaves that ran away from the city.
Rufusk Rufus: Since a lot of them are fugitives...
Rufusk Rufus: We don't ask each other's identities.
Rufusk Rufus: If you keep this in mind, there would be no problem.
Hwarink ???: I-I'm okay!
People from the Wilderness: You are not okay. Listen to me.
People from the Wilderness: This is not a safe place for a person like you to walk around by yourself.
People from the Wilderness: So we want to go with you.
Hwarink Hwarin: I have a servant that came with me.
Hwarink Hwarin: It's okay.
People from the Wilderness: One servant won't be enough.
People from the Wilderness: We are all worried for you!
Ronank Ronan: Stop.
People from the Wilderness: What? Mind your own business!
Ronank Ronan: She doesn't like it.
Ronank Ronan: I can't watch this.
People from the Wilderness: Hey.

Hwarink Hwarin: Thank you for helping me.
Hydek Hyde: Of course we have to help a noble.
Hydek Hyde: But what are you doing in the border?
Hwarink Hwarin: Oh, I'm looking for someone.
???: Miss!
???: I thought you disappeared.
Ronank Ronan: Y-You...!



Ronank Ronan: Harpe... It's me! Ronan!
Harpe: Ronan?
Elesisk Elesis: Harpe? Harpe Noir?
Hwarink Hwarin: Do you know him?
Harpe: I don't know him.
Harpe: It's a familiar face and a familiar name...
Hwarink Hwarin: You don't remember him, but you think you know him?

Hwarink Hwarin: Wow. I've never seen people that's alive.
Hwarink Hwarin: And people that my servant knows.
Limek Lime: It's a miracle that couldn't have happened without the grace from the goddess!
Limek Lime: It must be they have a really close relationship!
Kylek Kyle: Is he part of Grand Chase too?
Elesisk Elesis: Harpe Noir is a member of the Erudon family's intelligence unit.
Elesisk Elesis: He was Ronan's guard
Elesisk Elesis: and Ronan's greatest companion.
Kylek Kyle: They must've been really close.
Kylek Kyle: I've never seen Ronan talk so casually to a person.
Elesisk Elesis: That's right. They were really close.
Elesisk Elesis: Harpe sacrificed himself for Ronan.
Elesisk Elesis: And Ronan jumped on the underworld train to find Harpe.
Kylek Kyle: That's what happened.

Harpe: I'm sorry.
Harpe: I think you guys know me,
Harpe: but I don't remember you.
Harpe: To be honest, I don't.
Ronank Ronan: ......
Ronank Ronan: I'm sorry. I just thought about myself.
Harpe: It doesn't matter who I served,
Harpe: or who I was close with.
Harpe: I serve my miss now.
Hwarink Hwarin: You don't have to talk so politely.
Hwarink Hwarin: It's a miraculous encounter from a strong relationship.
Ronank Ronan: This might sound a little strange... but
Ronank Ronan: Please take care of Harpe.
Hwarink Hwarin: No. I'm always receiving help from him.
Hwarink Hwarin: Oh, I didn't introduce myself.
Hwarink Hwarin: I am...
Hwarink Hwarin: My name is Hwarin.
Hydek Hyde: Your Majesty!
Hwarink Hwarin: Oh?
Hydek Hyde: Your highness! My name is Hyde.
Hydek Hyde: I can't believe I get to see Your Highness...
Ryank Ryan: What are you doing?
Leyk Ley: Yeah. She looks too young to be a noble.
Hydek Hyde: Stop being so rude!
Hydek Hyde: She rules the underworld.
Hydek Hyde: She is the Queen of the underworld!

Ronank Ronan: I'm sorry for being so disrespectful... Your Highness.
Hwarink Hwarin: No. You weren't being disrespectful...
Hwarink Hwarin: But how did you know I was the Queen from just hearing my name?
Hydek Hyde: I, Hyde, is underworld train's stewardess and a citizen of the city.
Hydek Hyde: How can I not know your name?
Hwarink Hwarin: Oh. I see.
Elesisk Elesis: Your Highness, actually...
Elesisk Elesis: We came to the underworld to tell you something.
Hwarink Hwarin: You have something to say to me?
Elesisk Elesis: Yes, actually...

Hwarink Hwarin: I see...
Hwarink Hwarin: The Demon God really wants underworld.
Elesisk Elesis: You can't let him do that.
Elesisk Elesis: You should be prepared for the invasion.
Leyk Ley: You might be able to receive help from Demon's Alliance army.
Veigask Veigas: You aren't Dio. Who gives you the right to say that?
Veigask Veigas: I am the chief of Hardliners, Veigas.
Veigask Veigas: If you're interested, talk to me.
Hwarink Hwarin: Thank you for the offer, but...
Hwarink Hwarin: I don't have any power to decide.
Veigask Veigas: What do you mean? Aren't you the Queen?
Veigask Veigas: You can just kill everyone who doesn't listen to you.
Leyk Ley: You make me speechless.
Hwarink Hwarin: The First Lord has all the authority.
Hwarink Hwarin: I'm just a puppet. I just sit there...
Veigask Veigas: Did the Queen's authority fall to that extent?
Veigask Veigas: Isn't absolute kingdom a symbol of the underworld?
Hwarink Hwarin: That's all in the old days.
Veigask Veigas: If previous kings know about this, they might wake up from their graves.
Ronank Ronan: Then why are you in the border?
Hwarink Hwarin: I'm looking for people who might give me power.
Hwarink Hwarin: The 『Haros Justice Army』.
Rufusk Rufus: Hmm...
Hydek Hyde: Aren't they a group of thieves who stole things behind the back?
Hwarink Hwarin: That's what Heitaros' army said.
Hwarink Hwarin: To get rid of them.
Hwarink Hwarin: Haros Justice Army fights for the underworld.
Lirek Lire: Are you saying that they're here?
Hwarink Hwarin: Yes, that's what I heard...
Hwarink Hwarin: But it's not easy to meet them.
Elesisk Elesis: If Haros Army can help you, we will help you find them.
Hwarink Hwarin: Really? Thank you.
Hwarink Hwarin: Just thinking about it makes me feel better.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Then we will look inside the cliff...
Sieghartk Sieghart: Your Highness and Harpe can look at the other side.
Elesisk Elesis: Alright. Let's get some information and meet here again.

Haros Justice Army


"Instead of the spy. Hire people and search the area!"


Jink Jin: Something's weird...
Jink Jin: I think they're on guard more whenever I ask questions about the army.
Jink Jin: Lass? What are you looking at?
Lassk Lass: I think they want something from us...
People from the Wilderness: Have you guys been asking questions about Haros Justice Army?
Amyk Amy: The atmosphere is...
Jink Jin: Should we run away?
Lassk Lass: Too late.
Sieghartk Sieghart: We will be able to communicate with them if we fight a little.

Underworld Healing Castle: A crash occurred during the search.
Underworld Healing Castle: Leave the fight to the ones we hired and leave.
Underworld Healing Castle: Retreat! Everyone retreat!
Jink Jin: Those people that are running away... Are they soul soldiers?
Lassk Lass: Yes. They seem like it.
Lassk Lass: I don't know why they're in the border.
Amyk Amy: Underworld soldiers appearing in a village where Her Highness is...
Amyk Amy: It feels weird.



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