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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Where the Queen Should Be


"This is an order!"


Jink Jin: Did you see that?
Jink Jin: An underworld soldier just passed by.
Amyk Amy: That's where Her Highness is!
Lassk Lass: Are they chasing after the Queen?
Lassk Lass: Hey, get out of the way!
People from the Wilderness: You're funny. Do you think we'll miss this big opportunity?
Lassk Lass: These people...
Lassk Lass: Aren't on our side.
Jink Jin: Then we don't have to be easy on them.

Underworld Magic Castle: Isn't this enough outside air for you?
Underworld Magic Castle: Why don't we go back to the city?
Underworld Magic Castle: The border is dangerous.
Hwarin: You guys are dangerous.
Underworld Magic Castle: We are your soldiers.
Hwarin: Yes, soldiers who are on Heitaros' side.
Underworld Magic Castle: But we are your soldiers.
Hwarin: Then follow my order.
Hwarin: This is an order. Step back now!
Underworld Magic Castle: I'm sorry but we can't follow your order.
Underworld Magic Castle: But we will take you to a safe place.
Hwarin: ......
Harpe: Miss, hide behind me.

Amyk Amy: Are you guys alright?
Hwarin: We received your help again.
Harpe: Miss, are you hurt?
Harpe: I'm sorry.
Harpe: It looks like we were tracked.
Hwarin: No.
Hwarin: The underworld is already their world.
Hwarin: So it's impossible to run away from them.



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The Wilderness
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Gateway Base
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Tower of Memories
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Burning Canyon Bermesiah
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