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  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Lost Person


"Who took whose stuff?"


Rufusk Rufus: The ones in front look like Justice Army soldiers.
Lassk Lass: I'll stand in front, don't worry.
Rufusk Rufus: That's why I'm more worried.

Marcus: Finally, the sun came up.
Marcus: The long darkness passed and the morning of revolution has risen!
Marcus: Soldiers with the flags of revolution! Follow...
Rufusk Rufus: No.
Rufusk Rufus: You are still wandering in the dark.
Rufusk Rufus: Why don't you get rid of the blindfold that is covering your eyes?
Marcus: What are you trying to say?
Rufusk Rufus: I'm asking if you really want a revolution.
Marcus: Of course!
Marcus: General Legis would've done the same thing!
Marcus: We will not see blood for those stupid royals!
Marcus: They have to see blood now!
Rufusk Rufus: You still think you're right?
Rufusk Rufus: You're disgusting.

Rufusk Rufus: Your aim is a mess.
Rufusk Rufus: Is your mind shaking?
Marcus: Huff, huff.
Marcus: No, my mind never shakes.
Marcus: My thoughts never change.
Marcus: We just fought against a conspiracy of demons that want the underworld.
Marcus: But what did we get back in return?
Marcus: We became criminals.
Marcus: Heitaros' people made us into thieves!
Marcus: So General Legis could no longer set his foot in the underworld again.
Marcus: The city people... made General Legis into a fugitive!
Marcus: Our leader!
Marcus: He took our most wanted person!
Rufusk Rufus: He took... your most wanted person?
Rufusk Rufus: You think how you want to think.
Rufusk Rufus: There is another person who lost him.

Revenge and Justification


"Oh, revenge is not a bad thing. It's a natural feeling, kekeke!"



Veigask Veigas: Stupid.
Veigask Veigas: Doesn't even know his own instinct.
Veigask Veigas: This body will tell you.
Veigask Veigas: It's called revenge.
Marcus: It isn't a personal feeling.
Veigask Veigas: Don't deny it.
Veigask Veigas: It's not something to be embarrassed about.
Veigask Veigas: It's rather disgusting to justify your actions like that.
Veigask Veigas: Was his name Tristan?
Veigask Veigas: He has a talent of telling people what they want to hear.
Marcus: ......
Marcus: I was tricked by him?
Marcus: What does he get from tricking me, no us?
Veigask Veigas: That's not my business.
Veigask Veigas: Isn't it faster to think of how you got tricked?
Russell: Tristan had a different thought.
Russell: Marcus... you've been tricked.
Marcus: How can... Tristan... do that?
Marcus: Wasn't he a friend of General Legis from when they were bounty hunters?
Russell: ......
Hwarink Hwarin: We should be glad we stopped the worst situation.
Marcus: ......
Marcus: Your Highness. I'm sorry but I still hate the royals of the city.
Hwarink Hwarin: I understand. And...
Hwarink Hwarin: I'm sorry.

Diok Dio: I thought this was going to be a waste of time, but I'm glad we got something from this.
Diok Dio: Can we go back to our business?
Lassk Lass: But do you even know what Heitaros' purpose is?
Diok Dio: I don't know.
Leyk Ley: Huh? You don't know?
Diok Dio: I know who can give us the answer.
Leyk Ley: Are you playing with us? Who?
Diok Dio: Dr. Oz?
Diok Dio: I didn't come all the way here to stay quiet.
Oz: ......
Zerok Zero: Master...
Oz: Don't rush me.
Oz: Alright. I can't stay quiet.
Oz: Heitaros is looking for a key.
Oz: A key that two Haros took a long time ago.
Veigask Veigas: A key? To open what?
Oz: That's not important.
Oz: It's more important to know what the key is made out of.
Oz: Because...
Oz: It's made from the core of ancient demons.
Leyk Ley: A-Ancient demons...
Armek Arme: Oh! So the reason why Duel appeared is...

Lirek Lire: What do you want to do, Your Highness?
Hwarink Hwarin: The Justice Army doesn't want a revolution...
Hwarink Hwarin: But the city might be preparing for a war.
Hwarink Hwarin: And they will tell everyone that I'm with them.
Hwarink Hwarin: I want to settle the dispute between them.
Hydek Hyde: W-What? You are not... going back to the city?
Hydek Hyde: Can't you settle the dispute in the city...
Hydek Hyde: O-Of course I'll be with you Your Highness! Hehehe!
Lirek Lire: Yes, Your Highness will do a good job.
Leyk Ley: Did you listen to Her Highness?
Leyk Ley: You will have to protect her well.
Marcus: Hmph...
Ryank Ryan: W-what's happening?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Look!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Look at the sky!
Veigask Veigas: This vibration...
Veigask Veigas: Fuhuhu, is he finally coming? Heitaros!!




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