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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Surrounded by Soldiers


"I'll leave you here if you do anything stupid!"


Tristan: Over there!
Tristan: Go around and block the alley!
Tristan: Meet at the three-way intersection!
Amyk Amy: It's hard to fight them...
Amyk Amy: But it's more hard because someone is ordering them!
Amyk Amy: How can we run away?
Lassk Lass: Guide, what do you think?
Rufusk Rufus: I'll tell you if I don't see other retreat routes.
Rufusk Rufus: Let's move because there are still ways.

Leyk Ley: If it's daytime, we can just hide among these people!
Amyk Amy: How can you hide among these people when you're a demon?
Leyk Ley: What? I can just wear a cloak like last time.
Amyk Amy: You'll get caught faster if you look suspicious.
Leyk Ley: Really? Then I guess we have to fight.
Sieghartk Sieghart: She is the same as Veigas...



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The Wilderness
Act 20.1: Ground of Starving People | Act 20.2: Condition of a Competent Soldier | Act 20.3: Vroginstar | Act 20.4: Haros Justice Army | Act 20.5: Where the Queen Should Be | Act 20.6: Man of Underworld King | Act 20.7: Tail After Tail | Act 20.8: Different Goals of Justice Army | Act 20.9: Enlisting in the Army
Gateway Base
Act 21.1: Get Up Haros! | Act 21.2: Flag of Revolution | Act 21.3: Revolutionary Army | Act 21.4: Pain of Memories | Act 21.5: Danger Climbing the Wall | Act 21.6: Trauma Imprinted on Soul | Act 21.7: Stop the Revolution! | Act 21.8: Shoulder of Helpless Leader | Act 21.9: Lost Person
Underworld City
Act 22.1: Infiltrate! Underworld City | Act 22.2: Duel's Footsteps | Act 22.3: Underworld Transfer Station | Act 22.4: Siege the City | Act 22.5: Surrounded by Soldiers | Act 22.6: Shoot the Commander! | Act 22.7: To the Tower of Memories | Act 22.8: Most Effective Method | Act 22.9: Dignity of Demon God
Tower of Memories
Raid 6.1: Swaying Ambition | Raid 6.2: Illusion of Memory | Raid 6.3: Tower Manager | Raid 6.4: Ruler's Rights | Raid 6.5: Resurrection Ceremony | Raid 6.6: Casted Shadow of Greed | Raid 6.7: Crazy Envoy
Burning Canyon Bermesiah
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