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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Dignity of Demon God


"For Nelia... I'll challenge you, Veigas!"


Diok Dio: Something feels weird. The guards are facing the opposite direction.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Yes. It doesn't seem like they're blocking people from entering... It looks like they're blocking someone from not coming outside.
Jink Jin: Does it mean Duel is hiding there?
Amyk Amy: Should we watch the situation for a while?
Veigask Veigas: Why are you being so annoying? This body can't do that!

Haggler: The First Lord is here! No one can enter or leave this place!
Veigask Veigas: Oh, you? Hahaha. I thought it was weird that you died with your master. But I guess your master ordered you to follow her to the underworld. The First Lord is... Nelia?
Haggler: Y-You are Veigas!
Veigask Veigas: Tsk! So disappointed by Nelia. She died to go under Heitaros' reign. Call your master! I will end that disgusting life again!
Haggler: Hm... Stop bluffing, Veigas.
Veigask Veigas: What? Did you just say that to me?
Haggler: You don't have power like you used to. That meas I might be able to fight you!
Veigask Veigas: You leave me speechless. I will show you the difference between courage and foolishness!

Haggler: How could that be... Nelia's seal still works...
Veigask Veigas: Hmph, yes. She tried to do something weird to me before the battle. That's the cause of defeat. She lost because she relied heavily on a dirty method.
Haggler: Ughhh...
Veigask Veigas: You're foolish, Haggler. Because I'm weaker... You shouldn't think you're stronger than me. That's insulting the Demon World!
Haggler: Arghhh. Nelia... This is the end of Haggler!

To the Tower of Memories


"Who are you calling?"


Voidk Duel: I wandered for a long time. So I'll stop... I'll end my wandering here. With you.

Leyk Ley: D-Duel!
Voidk Duel: Don't be surprised. I just put her back where she belongs.
Diok Dio: Duel! What did you do to Ley!
Leyk Ley: Um.
Diok Dio: Ley!



Sieghartk Sieghart: Ouch, my head. What? Were we... ambushed? Is everyone okay?
Diok Dio: Ley...
Sieghartk Sieghart: You stupid! I asked if you're okay!
Amyk Amy: Ughh, Ley is gone.
Sieghartk Sieghart: What? Where did she go?
Diok Dio: Duel... took Ley. We must go find her.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Wait! How are you going to move like that?
Diok Dio: Move.
Sieghartk Sieghart: I can't let you go. Weren't you the one who told me not to do anything stupid?
Diok Dio: Ughhh...
Amyk Amy: Wait!
Marik Mari: Does everyone hear me? There's a big problem. Get out of there. New Hardliners that escaped the battle are headed over there. You must get out now!
Lassk Lass: Rufus!
Rufusk Rufus: ...... What do you want to do?
Lassk Lass: ...... Shouldn't a guide tell us the safest route?
Rufusk Rufus: That's true. I think we should go to the tower if we want to live.
Lassk Lass: ...... Good. Let's go. To the Tower of Memories...



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