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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
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Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Broken Alliance


"You aren't worthy of becoming my minion!"


Veigask.png Veigas: Huh? Who are you chasing after and to where? Do you really want to let Heitaros go? Now you're going too far!
Diok.png Dio: Are you trying to break the alliance?
Veigask.png Veigas: Hmpf! Be thankful for me not take your lives here!
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: I told you demons are unreliable.
Veigask.png Veigas: Look forward to it, Heitaros. I'll teach you who's the real leader of the Hardliners!

Apple: I've got good and bad news. The good news is that the other Grand Chase have arrived in Aernas first.
Lirek.png Lire: Really? That's a relief! Uh, then what's the bad news?
Apple: The bad news is that it will be harder for us to catch up.

Diok.png Dio: I'll be honest with you. It's impossible to track down the missing list and the whereabouts of the Soul Knight, but... as the head of the Moderates, I believe the Demon World's affairs are more important. And what's more, Ley is...
Leyk.png Ley: I'm fine. I told you I'm totally fine.
Diok.png Dio: Dr. Oz says otherwise.
Leyk.png Ley: I know myself the best!
Diok.png Dio: No, you don't know that. This isn't the time to be stubborn.
Sieghartk.png Sieghart: I'm rather grateful that you won't interfere in Aernas' affairs. I don't need a demon's help, so just go away.
Hwarink.png Hwarin: I didn't expect anyone to steal the list in the midst of the chaos... This is my fault.
Lassk.png Lass: It's not for the Queen of the Underworld to apologize. I wish someone would have told us sooner that Decanee was in the Underworld... We could've prepared.
Rufusk.png Rufus: It's easy to make a criticism, but... We are running out of time.
Elesisk.png Elesis: Rufus is right. Let's find a way to get back to Aernas.

Ronank.png Ronan: You need to rest, Your Majesty.
Anyumena: There was another commotion at the border. Resolving this commotion is the first, Ronan.
Rink.png Rin: If you can't tell whose soul is corrupted... the same thing will happen over and over again. It's not like we can do the purification ritual on every knight we see. How troublesome.
Iok.png Io: Don't worry. It's a little chaotic right now, but... things will calm down soon.
Asink.png Asin: So who the hell is going to solve this situation? What makes you so sure?
Iok.png Io: This incredulous human. There're things that happen without knowing!
Asink.png Asin: Shouldn't you show us proof of your statement? Get your head out of the clouds.
Iok.png Io: Hmpf. Maybe they have already arrived by now.



Decaneek.png Decanee: You're very cautious. I can't believe I'm finally encountering you.
Europak.png Europa: Were you waiting for the inquisitors to arrive?
Decaneek.png Decanee: Of course not. What I meant to say is... your action is slower than I thought.
Europak.png Europa: Nothing can be more foolish than breaking the balance to keep the world balanced. But I concur with your words this time. A being like you who causes chaos... should be uprooted as soon as possible. Is that...?
Decaneek.png Decanee: Oh, it's nothing. Every living being has this thing. They would call it as "fate" in the Underworld, but humans... would call it as "destiny" I believe?
Europak.png Europa: This... can't be happening!
Decaneek.png Decanee: I can't believe it either. I didn't know you'd show up in front of me in such a defenseless state. How arrogant are you? Then I'll let you take care of the rest.
Elscud: What do you mean?
Decaneek.png Decanee: Are you pretending you don't understand? Don't even think about resisting me. Because you can't disobey my orders.
Elscud: ......Please, forgive me for this!

Lidmir: I heard that Kaze'aze had appeared again. Is that true?
Grand Mage: Yes, it looks like they're using Ellia Peninsula as HQ, just like the last time.
Lidmir: So why don't the humans take any action?
Ronank.png Ronan: The monster legion is blocking the coast and shoreline. Now that knights from both countries are in conflict with each other... there's not enough troops to deal with the monster legion. Moreover, a full-scale war with the monster legion is never a good idea.
Lidmir: Why is that?
Ronank.png Ronan: The clash between Kanavan and Serdin, and the conflict between the whole of Bermesiah and the monster legion... these are Kaze'aze's plan to create more chaos.
Lidmir: So you're saying that we'll just sit here and watch?
Jink.png Jin: Leave it to us.
Asink.png Asin: Uncle, do we really need to help? As someone was boasting about the wait and see... shouldn't we wait a little longer? How long should we wait? Would it be alright after this continent is ruined?
Iok.png Io: Ugh, we're indeed behind schedule. That's strange. It's not like he failed to convince the Congress...
Grand Mage: I'll get you a ship.
Ronank.png Ronan: The monsters aren't going to let the ship float.
Grand Mage: If it's not a ship, then how are you going to get to Ellia?
Armek.png Arme: It's not our first time going to Ellia Peninsula. There's a shortcut that only we know!
Rink.png Rin: Although I'm not sure if I should call it as a shortcut.
Grand Mage: Alright. Arme, you must take care of yourself.
Armek.png Arme: Okay, Grandpa! Just trust us for this!

Punish the Evil


"This is the... Shortcut..."


Armek.png Arme: The spirit of the earth! Please give us the vitality of life! Alright! You can breathe now.
Ryank.png Ryan: Ugh! Ugh!
Armek.png Arme: Didn't I tell you to breathe? You don't believe in my magic?
Cindyk.png Cindy: It's actually okay.
Armek.png Arme: See! Cindy says it's okay, too.
Ryank.png Ryan: Gasp~ I know it by the head, but... I just needed to prepare my heart. But I can't believe you actually listened to Arme and breathed right away... Cindy, you are so brave!
Cindyk.png Cindy: I just had an experience like this before. By the way, is... this the shortcut?
Armek.png Arme: Did you think I knew the underwater breathing spell for nothing?



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