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Recommended BP/TAP: 19,200

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear within 4 min 10 secs.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 30 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 53,000

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 2 hero deaths or less.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 10 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 83,800

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Damage Received 216,700 or Lower.
  • Deal 130,910 DPS.

Recommended BP/TAP: ???

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • ???
  • ???

Imp Labor Camps


"Tsk... Tsk... You're hopeless!"


Armek Arme: But we need to get to the Forest of Life... We can't be wasting time here...
Cindyk Cindy: That's right. Also if Belile is here too then it will be a bigger problem.
Grandielk Grandiel: I do not think we need to worry about that. Belile and his forces should be participating in the attack of Teroka.
Grandielk Grandiel: Most likely, only a minimal number of troops are here to supervise the imps.
Armek Arme: I see. Since the enemy's main forces are gone, we're going to attack their headquarters!

Kylek Kyle: Sh... She appeared!
Cindyk Cindy: You were right. I saw her too.
Grandielk Grandiel: I saw her too.
Grandielk Grandiel: There's no way all of us could have seen the same exact mirage... Most likely she wasn't just a mirage.
Armek Arme: Hm... For her to appear two times...
Armek Arme: Do you think she's following us? Or is she trying to tell us to follow her?
Kylek Kyle: What if she's Belile's subordinate?
Marik Mari: There are... no bad feelings from her.

Impkingk Big Imp: Ooooooo. How dare you do that to our demon lords...?
Impkingk Big Imp: Coco sir! Please give us your order...
Cocok Coco: No! You fools... Big Imp! I'll leave the rest to you. I just remembered there was something I for got to do...
Worker Imp 1: Coco ran away...
Worker Imp 2: We should run too...
Impkingk Big Imp: ......
Impkingk Big Imp: Do... Do not waver!
Impkingk Big Imp: This is the chance to show the great demon lords our loyalty!
Impkingk Big Imp: Everyone attack!

Armek Arme: Haaa... That was a difficult fight.
Kylek Kyle: Okay, let's go...
???: Where do you think you're going?
Charlottek Charlotte: I can't believe it.
Charlottek Charlotte: I leave for only a second and you come and humiliate my slaves...
Charlottek Charlotte: Big Imp, stand up!
Charlottek Charlotte: How dare you collapse without my permission!
Impkingk Big Imp: Ha... Haaa... Mistress Charlotte.
Charlottek Charlotte: Tsk tsk... You've recovered your strength...
Charlottek Charlotte: I guess it can't be helped.
Cindyk Cindy: Ugh... What the heck...
Kylek Kyle: What the heck are they doing?
Grandielk Grandiel: Hm... That is... Ahem.
Charlottek Charlotte: Fufu. Once you get a taste of my whip, you'll never forget it.
Charlottek Charlotte: How about I turn you into my slaves?

Marik Mari: Dangerous. Must hide...
Armek Arme: What do you mean...?
Grandielk Grandiel: Over there... Hide quickly!
Belilek Belile: Are you sure that you saw them?
Cocok Coco: Of course. I saw them with my very own eyes.
Belilek Belile: I will not let those fools escape this time!
Belilek Belile: They shouldn't have been able to get very far. Search the area thoroughly!

Epilogue: Pursuit of Belile


"Big trouble! It seems that cat, Coco, has summoned Belile!"






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