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Recommended BP/TAP: 25,400

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear within 4 min 10 secs.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 30 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 59,700

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 2 hero deaths or less.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 10 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 88,700

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Damage Received 197,600 or Lower.
  • Deal 156,080 DPS.

Recommended BP/TAP: 133,300

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 1 hero deaths or less.
  • Defeat the Boss within 55sec(s).

To the Tree of Life!


"Do not even think of taking anything from the Forest of Life!"


???: This is the last warning. Don't expect to be let off with a warning next time.
Cindyk Cindy: He said it's our last warning. What should we do?
Ryank Ryan: It's unfortunate, but we will not leave obediently!

???: Ahh, is even a forest this deep no use?
Ponyak Ponya: And here I thought I could finally live a content life in poverty! It seems that my might does not allow for even a minute of rest!
Cindyk Cindy: E, excuse me! Sorry to interrupt you while you're speaking but... We're trying to find the Tree of Life...
Ponyak Ponya: That's right. What is the point of hiding? I am Black Wind.
Ponyak Ponya: People say that I am the one that stands on the zenith.
Armek Arme: ...What the heck is he saying?
Ponyak Ponya: For you young martial artists, defeating me and rising to fame may be like sweet fruit, but...
Ponyak Ponya: Why is it that you do not know that within the fruit is poison?!
Cindyk Cindy: Like Kyle said before... Let's just do what we normally do.
Armek Arme: Okay. Beat him.
Ponyak Ponya: So you are finally showing your true colors. If you are a martial artist then you should fight with your body and not your mouth. Come at me!

Ponyak Ponya: Forgive me for my rudeness! I should have known better...
Armek Arme: Wow! That quick change in demeanor...
Ponyak Ponya: To get to the Tree of Life, just follow that road down there.

Ryank Ryan: How could this be... The forest and trees...
Armek Arme: What the heck is happening around here?
Grandielk Grandiel: It seems as thought the demons are contaminating all of the forest's prana.
Lassk Lass: If we don't move quickly then Nephilim will be in danger too.

Cindyk Cindy: KYAA!
Ryank Ryan: The... The shaking just now, is much stronger than it was before.
???: Looks like you fools finally caused us problems!
Swenk Swen: How dare you pollute the forest!
Ryank Ryan: That's not our fault!
Swenk Swen: Shut up! We will calm the anger of the forest with your blood!
Armek Arme: I don't think he's going to listen to us. We'll have to fight it out!

Cindyk Cindy: D... Decanee?!
Decaneek Decanee: Oh my! It's been a while.
Decaneek Decanee: I see there are some happy faces...
Lassk Lass: ......
Armek Arme: How did you... No way...
Decaneek Decanee: Everyone was so kind...
Ryank Ryan: You bastard! How dare you take advantage of their kindness...
Decaneek Decanee: I'm assuming you guys are here for Nephilim?
Decaneek Decanee: Come to the top of the tree.
Decaneek Decanee: The thing that you want will be there...
Lassk Lass: What in the world is that demon...
Armek Arme: She's the one that keeps getting in our way.
Armek Arme: We think she's most likely in a group with Belile or have the same goals as him.
Lassk Lass: There's something...
Marik Mari: Is there... something wrong?
Lassk Lass: No. It's nothing. It's just...
Lassk Lass: Rather than that, we need to head to the top of the tree...
Ryank Ryan: Yes, let's go!

Epilogue: To the Tree of Life


"Oh no! Decanee... We have to go quickly to the Tree of Life! But Kyle..."






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