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Recommended BP/TAP: 28,700

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear within 4 minutes.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 20 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 63,400

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 2 hero deaths or less.
  • Clear within 3 min 50 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 91,300

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 3 heroes or less.
  • Escort Ramblin Archer.

Recommended BP/TAP: 139,300

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Use Hero Skills 25 times or less.
  • When cleared, the heroes HP must be 70% or higher.

Crisis Vigilante


"Trifling humans... Let me show you to your death!"


Grandielk.png Grandiel: That is a great number of them.
Swordsman: If we don't pass this place, we won't be able to get to where my comrades are.
Kylek.png Kyle: Heh. If it's just them, they won't be able to oppose the new Kyle!
Cindyk.png Cindy: Sigh... He was easier to handle when he was hurting...
???: What in the world are you doing?
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Why's it taking so long to deal with these inferior humans?
Urkak.png Urca: Please forgive me. They were stronger than expected...
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Damn it! If sister finds out... I'm...
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Either way... Speed it up starting now.
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Destroy all those that resist!
Urkak.png Urca: Y,yes sir!
Kylek.png Kyle: That guy... He's Belile's subordinate!
Grandielk.png Grandiel: It would be best to deal with them separately rather than together.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: Seeing as how one just left, let us attack now.

Vigilante Archer: Will we be able to leave here alive?
Vigilante Spearman: Once this battle ends... I think I will head to my hometown and start a farm.
Vigilante Archer: Man, don't say things like that! If you do then...
Vigilante Spearman: This, this here was given to me by my girlfriend...
Vigilante Archer: ACCK!!! Someone help me!
???: Do not lose hope just yet!
Ronank.png Ronan: If we wait just a little bit longer, my comrades will come to save us.
Ronank.png Ronan: Do not lose hope.
Vigilante Archer: Man... Captain, you are so naive...
Vigilante Spearman: As I told you earlier, your friends already ran away.
Ronank.png Ronan: There is no way that is true.
Ronank.png Ronan: We have overcome much more dangerous situations than this.
Ronank.png Ronan: Without fail... they will return!
Vigilante Archer: If those friends return, I will moonwalk!
Armek.png Arme: Ronan!
Vigilante Archer: Hurrah! We're saved.
Vigilante Spearman: I never doubted you for a second. I always believed that your friends would come save us.
Hanoutk.png Hanout: You insects... Where do you think you're escaping?
Kylek.png Kyle: What do you mean escaping? Our only plan was to defeat you guys!
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Inferior humans, you must have all lost your minds!
Hanoutk.png Hanout: I shall kill you all at once.

Epilogue: Teroka's Knights


"To get to Belile, you must infiltrate the castle walls!"


Vigilante Archer: Thank you very much. It is thanks to your help that we survived.
Kylek.png Kyle: Heh. You're welcome.
Vigilante Spearman: When the captain said his friends would be coming, honestly we had doubted him.
Ronank.png Ronan: Enough with the captain... You really do not need to call me that...
Vigilante Archer: No, you were the one that led us...
Vigilante Spearman: Agreed. If it wasn't for captain, we would have surely died.
Armek.png Arme: Ronan is the same as ever!
Lassk.png Lass: Have you by chance seen a demon by the name of Belile?
Ronank.png Ronan: Yes, we know of him very well.
Ronank.png Ronan: It just so happens that a little bit ago one of the vigilante witnessed him entering Teroka Castle.
Kylek.png Kyle: Great! Then let's head inside Teroka Castle!
Ronank.png Ronan: That will not be easy.
Ronank.png Ronan: Currently, Teroka Castle has become the demon's stronghold.
Ronank.png Ronan: If there is a way to at least infiltrate it...
Lassk.png Lass: If that's it then there's no need to worry.





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