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Recommended BP/TAP: 31,200

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear within 3 min 50 secs.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 20 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 67,300

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 2 hero deaths or less.
  • Slay the Boss within 1 min 10 secs.

Recommended BP/TAP: 76,900

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Damage Received 200,500 or Lower.
  • Deal 181,920 DPS.

Recommended BP/TAP: 142,500

  • Dungeon 1st Clear.
  • Clear with 1 hero deaths or less.
  • Defeat the Boss within 55 sec(s).

The Final Battle


"The group is happy about defeating Belile, but it's a bit too early for celebration."


Ryank.png Ryan: That's...
Grandielk.png Grandiel: Please be careful. That is dark magic.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: I think if we do not deal with the main body first, the copies will continue to appear.

Cindyk.png Cindy: Wait, didn't you guys...
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Do you think we'd die to deadbeats like you?
Hanoutk.png Hanout: If you didn't know, we can be perpetually be revived...
Raselk.png Rasel: As usual, my useless brother speaks too much...
Raselk.png Rasel: Running your mouth are telling the enemy information about us...
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Ah! Sorry sister.
Hanoutk.png Hanout: But saying I'm useless...
Raselk.png Rasel: I said you're useless because you are.
Raselk.png Rasel: Also, you're being noisy so could you stop speaking?
Hanoutk.png Hanout: Ugh... Sister...
Kylek.png Kyle: Demons really are weird.

Kylek.png Kyle: Belile!
Belilek.png Belile: Ugh... You rats... To think you'd make it this far...
Ryank.png Ryan: You! I will make you pay the price for corrupting the forest!
Armek.png Arme: We will also take revenge for Imp Kingdom... and for the people!
Ronank.png Ronan: Do not forget about the revenge of the people of Teroka either.
Belilek.png Belile: Although I may be hurt, I have more than enough strength to take you on.
Belilek.png Belile: I will kill you all!

Belilek.png Belile: Damn it... Not like this...
Belilek.png Belile: Lord... Hei... taros...
Armek.png Arme: It's over.
Ronank.png Ronan: Everyone... Good work.
Kylek.png Kyle: Is it already over? That was a bit anticlimactic...
Lassk.png Lass: That reminds me, where are all the avatars of God?
Armek.png Arme: Now that you say it, I don't see them anywhere...
Decaneek.png Decanee: Don't worry. They're with me...
Lassk.png Lass: UGH! You...
Armek.png Arme: Decanee!!
Kylek.png Kyle: That's right. We had forgotten about you.
Decaneek.png Decanee: Fufu. You all cannot defeat me.
Cindyk.png Cindy: W, what's that?
Grandielk.png Grandiel: The avatars...
Decaneek.png Decanee: Last time, Nephilim hadn't completely transformed, but this time it'll be different.

Epilogue: The Final Battle


"This is not the end."


Decaneek.png Decanee: To go down so easily...
Kylek.png Kyle: Ughh. Damn!
Decaneek.png Decanee: Are you angry? It is very likely, the me before was much angrier.
Lassk.png Lass: You... Who... What...
Decaneek.png Decanee: Hehe. Should I tell you a funny story?
Decaneek.png Decanee: A long time ago, there lived a girl. The girl became a general and made a promise to protect the princess.
Decaneek.png Decanee: One day, she was pegged as the culprit in the incident of the royal family massacre.
Decaneek.png Decanee: No matter how many times she told them she hadn't done it, no one was willing to listen or believe her.
Ronank.png Ronan: No, no way...
Armek.png Arme: It couldn't be.



Lassk.png Lass: Ughh... Kaze'aze!
Kaze'aze: It's been a long time since I was called by that name.
Ronank.png Ronan: Damn it... I cannot believe this.
Kaze'aze: In all honesty, the me that you met before and the me now are different people.
Decaneek.png Decanee: Of course, I do have all the memories...
Lassk.png Lass: Wh... What are you even saying...
Decaneek.png Decanee: Okay then, explanation time over!
Decaneek.png Decanee: Once you're in the underworld, you'll have plenty of time to figure it out.





Armek.png Arme: Where the heck is this place...
Apple: Please calm down. We are employees of the Dimensional Trade Merchants.
Armek.png Arme: D, dimensional trade?
Kiwi: Nice to meet you! My name is Kiwi. This one is Apple.
Kylek.png Kyle: Apple? Kiwi? Fruit sellers?
Apple: F, fruit sellers... We push trading within the dimensions and try to achieve balance...
Kiwi: Haha! That's the gist of it.
???: Why didn't you say anything before?
Lassk.png Lass: Rufus...


Kylek.png Kyle: Where are we? Where's Decanee?
Kiwi: This is a safe house in Beroiah that we had prepared.
Grandielk.png Grandiel: Beroiah... Did we teleport across the continent?
Apple: Thanks to you, we exceeded our budget and we almost had to write an apology, but...
Cindyk.png Cindy: ???
Kiwi: I'm not sure where I should start explaining from, but...
Kiwi: You lost most of your original powers due to the impact of dimensional travel.
Kiwi: Until you recover your powers, it will be difficult to defeat Decanee.
Lassk.png Lass: What do we have to do to recover our power?
Armek.png Arme: Lass...
Kiwi: Recovering your power will take many tries despite having losing it so easily.
Kiwi: Starting now, we'll work together to recover your power.
Ronank.png Ronan: Okay. As long as...
Ronank.png Ronan: As long as we can defeat Decanee... No, Kaze'aze...



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