Aero Sentry Keeper MK-2
The Aero Sentry Keeper MK-2 is a Sentry Keeper No. 2 mounted with two propellers at its feet. This mini boss appears in Talin's Revenge. It will move randomly all over the place, except it will not cross the half of the screen to reach the left side. This mini boss is fought twice, the second time along with the other version, Aero Sentry Keeper MK-1.


Circular Homing Shot: The Aero Sentry Keeper MK-2 shoots several bullets which form a circle (">" then "O") formation in front of it before locking on and homing the player. The player can stay in the circle to easily avoid the attack.

Shotgun Burst Shot: The Aero Sentry Keeper MK-2 will quicky fire its cannon and release a random burst of bullets in front of it. This attack covers and counters the circular homing shot's gap. The Sentry will use this attack after it performed the circular homing shot 4 times.

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