Boarding the airship to Xenia

Grand Chase heading for Xenia in an airship

Airships are a method of air transport in the Grand Chase universe. They have been used to access continents that would be otherwise unreachable, or to reduce the amount of time needed to get from one area to another. There is also a PvP map called Airship. So far, there have been three recorded uses of airships by the Chase.

According to the Naver Blog, the first time the transport was historically recorded was when the Chase needed to get to the floating continent of Xenia, and the accompanying image suggests that the airship was taken in a port in either Serdin or Kanavan.

The second time, they were offered an airship by Gilberta of Zeruel to reach the old capital of Kounat. She lends it to them in light of their pursuit of Ashtaroth.

The third time, the Chase conveniently find a Kounatian Airship that survived the annihilation of Kounat and use it to return to Serdin. However, Talin Elfbane ambushes them and attempts to get his revenge.


  • Aside from the PvP map, the only airship seen in-game is in Talin's Revenge.
  • The dialogue of Battle for Bermesiah implies that a portal was used to travel from Bermesiah to Xenia, not an airship.
  • It is rather strange for Zeruel dark elves, a magic oriented race, to possess an airship, a technology based vehicle, as it is the Thunder Hammer dwarves who have such industrial technology. Stealing a massive vehicle would be impossible without detection, and it would be highly unlikely for dark elves to hijack and control something that is very unfamiliar to them. In addition, the dark elves are known to be extremely dextrous and can teleport, thus nullifying the need of airships.
    • However, Zeruel once had contact with Kounat countless years ago and had probably been given such technology and knowledge of it which was passed down through generations.
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