Alfred is one of Dio's two butlers, the other being Sebastian. He appears to be extremely loyal to Dio but does show a bit of concern at times.


Victor's FortressEdit

Dio sensed a change approaching and demanded Alfred that they leave the dimension they were sealed in, much to his concern. Eventually, he obeyed his master and prepared for their departure.

in Grand Chase Dimensional ChaserEdit


  • Alfred is listed as one of Dio's likes, so it may be that he sees Alfred as a close friend or even a father of some sorts.
    • However, Drakar has a taunt where he orders Alfred to "throw out the trash".
  • Despite being loyal to Dio, Dark Matriarch can summon Alfred with a paper bag over his head to fight for her when using Jeeves skill even when Jeeves was already summoned on the battlefield.
    • Ley's expression when summoning him as well as the horns poking out of his head indicates that the Jeeves masquerade is indeed Alfred.



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