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"Silver Land's popular idol."

Main Info

  • Name: Amy Plie[3]
  • Age: 14 (Grand Chase), 16 (Twelve Disciples)
  • Hobbies: Dancing, singing
  • Likes: Dancing, singing, fan mail[1]
  • Dislikes: Traditional dance, being lead on, indifference[1]
  • Weakness: Out of tune[1]

Before joining the Grand Chase, Amy was the dancer and Oracle of Silver Land on the Xenia continent. She left the deities she once served after the great war erupted between the gods. Since the gods were being controlled by a darker power, she joined forces with the opposition, the Silver Knights. With her lively character and charm and exceptional dancing, Amy shot to stardom virtually overnight, raising the morale of the knights while helping them forget the fatigue of the battlefield, a source of repose for all. However, the Silver Knights were destroyed by the dark forces and those remaining were scattered, fighting a dangerous uphill battle in a bold effort to win the gods back from the darkness. When the Grand Chase freed Samsara from evil's grasps, Amy decided to fight evil with the Grand Chase.


Amy is an egoist and does not like losing. Though she is bright and charming, she is cruel in that she can throw away a companion to a cliff with a cute smile when in danger.

Special Ability


Unlike most characters, Amy has 2 combat styles: Dancing (Dancer), Performance (Muse and Siren), or Drama (Starlet) stances, and the Fighting stance. The Switch command X.PNG is used to switch between the two.

Unlike Arme's and Ronan's Black/White Magic, Amy's stances extend to her entire moveset rather than only her skills. This gives her a wide variety of abilities to use in combat to not only devastate the enemy but also to confuse them.

In her Dancing/Performance/Drama stances, Amy uses the respective ability to buff her allies, debuff her enemies and apply it in combat. Meanwhile, she applies those abilities more aggressively and offensively when in a Fighting Stance.

Power Recharge Dance

When the Taunt command D.PNG is executed in Dancing, Performance, or Drama mode, Amy will throw confetti that restores a nearby ally's mana but herself.

Muse does not possess this ability.

Lasting Lyrics

Whenever the Switch command X.PNG is used and converted to Dancing, Performance, or Drama, a small defense buff is given to the entire party for 20 seconds. Her Skill Tree can enhance the buff's duration and defense.


Amy can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.

Amy Mission.png

"Ever hear about the Oracle of Xenia continent? She is a lovely and talented Dancer yet she fights impressively, as young as she may be. To impress her, you'll have to defeat many foes. But that shouldn't be a problem for you!"

- Bard of Xenia -

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-out Amy Mission Slay Krakos at Lake Aurora and collect 35 fragments of Amy's Lesser Orb on Hard difficulty.
Slay King Fang at King Fang's Lair and collect 35 fragments of Amy's Greater Orb on Hard difficulty.
9800 Cash Amy Mission (Cash) Collect 1 Gem.


  • Amy is the youngest character of the Grand Chase.
    • However, Lass was also labeled a "child" whose age is possibly less than hers.
    • Despite being fourteen, Amy was seen twice as immature as Arme who is just one year older.
  • Amy is considered "pretty" by most of the male characters of the Grand Chase upon meeting her.
  • Amy played a key role in the Twelve Disciples saga as the Oracle who knew the truth of the Prophecy. However, it was also known that the traitor would be the "one capable of receiving divine messages".
    • Amy who wanted to reveal the truth was deemed by Ronan as the traitor amongst the Twelve Disciples thus the Grand Chase did not acknowledge her.
  • In ELSWORD, another game designed by KOG Studios which has a very similar synopsis to Grand Chase, the character Aisha Landar gains an idol-like appearance and attitude similar to Amy upon becoming a Dimension Witch.
  • In KurtzPel, the new game designed by KOG Studios, there is a Quest NPC called Crim Plie who has a similar personality, pink color theme, and appearance to Amy.
    • In a released cinematic video[4], however, Amy herself made an appearance. It was then revealed in the game that Crim is her descendant.


  • Amy is the only playable female character to have a full 2-set skill bar for all of her jobs.
  • Along with Sieghart and Mari, Amy is one of the only characters with custom expressions.
  • Based on her quotes that specify her style of combat, Amy can also be seen as a "boxer".
    • With the addition of Dancer's Skill Tree, Amy's combo can utilize the Capoeira martial arts which combine elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.
  • Vanquisher also similarly possesses 2 combat styles to Amy.


Main article: Amy/Gallery


Game Start

"Hi! I'm Amy!"
"Everyone will want you if you're with me!"
"You know I'm cute!"
"A fateful battle determined by the gods!"
"I'll bet my popularity on it! It's showtime!"
"Start the match!"
"It's Amy's fanclub!"

When Attacking

"Shock Rock!"
"Heart Crusher!"
"Take that!"
"Hai ya!"


"Shy Shy Punch!"
"Dance Fever!"
"Loving You!"
"Spinning Counter!"
"Ditzy Rush!"
"Amy Kick!"
"Dance With Me!"
"Twist Revenge!"
"Pop Rocks!"
"Curtain Call!"
"Flying Spin!"
"Sweeping Crush!"
"Amy Kick!"
"Empress Waltz!"
"Pretty Virus!"
"Center Stage!"
"Fly High!"
"Super Star!"
"Triple Counter!"
"Tears of the Goddess!"
"Lovely Amy!"
"Jack Knife!"
"Bomber Girl!"
"Dancing By Lemos!"
"Elegant Flow!"


"La la la la la la~"
"A little love or maybe some affection~"
"Hmm, does it hurt? Does it?"
"Wow! You're so weak!"
"Eh? Just stay down!"
"It's like fighting a teddy bear!"
"That's right! You're about to get knocked down."


"I surrender!"
"Argh! You won't get away with this!"
"Ugh! Did you just hit a girl?"


"That hurts..."

Game End

"One, two, three. Ding! Ding! Ding! Get up!"
"Next time, we'll be friends! Mmhmhahaha!"
"Amy's grand finale!"
"You shouldn't be so rough with a cute girl!"
"Every rose has its thorn."



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