Angels are species that exist in the Grand Chase universe. Much of the angels in the story are the same or similar to those found in other works of fiction like being servants of the gods and having white, feathered wings that they can both hide and manifest.

The angels are non-mortal beings and thus they are not bound by destiny and are unable to reincarnate. Their actions are ruled by a Congress and it is a taboo for them to disclose their true nature to others.

Celestia is known to be the home of the angels in Grand Chase.


There is nothing else known about the angels and how they came to be is yet to be explored in the story.


The first angel of some significance was only mentioned in passing and is known as 'Archangel Michael', supposedly the angel most feared by the demons. In Muse's story introduces an angel named 'Violin' who descended into the human world and passed on his power and wisdom.

The Valkyrie Guardian that Ronan can summon as an Abyss Knight could possibly be an angel as well. In the description of Valkyrie Armor Set, Valkyries are said to be beautiful war maidens who protect the heavens.

The actual encounter with an angel occurred in the Serdin Kingdom where Rin, Asin, and Edel came across Io who was in disguise at the time.

Known angels





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