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Apple is one of the merchants sent by the Dimensional Trade Exchange to assist the Grand Chase in pursuit of Decanee.


There is nothing else known about Apple other than being a Dimensional Trade Merchants employee alongside her partner Kiwi.


Act 1.6: Herb Fairy, We Meet Again

Taken captive by Carnero, Apple blamed Kiwi for not bringing the Nascaliber as she told. He replied that she was the one that said it was cumbersome and left the railgun.

Apple was freed along with Kiwi after Kyle and Cindy came over to fight the Ramblins. She was about to reveal who they were but caught herself midway then Kiwi told the warriors to pay no mind about it. They teleported away from the scene afterward.

Act 4.6: To the Temple

Yet again, Kyle and Cindy saw Apple and Kiwi surrounded by enemies and came to rescue. When the boy said nothing was embarrassing about them being weak, this offended Apple that she almost revealed their identities but once again stopped herself then Kiwi said to ignore it. They left afterward.

Act 7.9: The Final Battle

During a standoff between Decanee and the Grand Chase, the two cats appeared along with the Bounty Hunter, Rufus, who was entrusted with the situation by them. Then Apple used a tool that teleported everyone else back to safety. Finally able to introduce themselves as the Dimensional Trade Merchants, she later remarked that they have exceeded their budget by saving them that they almost had to write an apology then let Kiwi state the rest.

Epilogue 1.1: Snow-Covered City

Although the group figured out that the enemies have not extracted the Avatars of God yet, Apple told them that taking down Decanee was not possible with their current strength. Back in Teroka, the merchant instructed them to be careful of the Catapults as they fight.

Epilogue 1.3: Castle Top Monster

At the topmost part of the castle, they came across a gigantic beast with Apple introducing it as the demon dog of hell, Cerbero.

Epilogue 1.5: Attack of Illusions

After apprehending Sage, Apple described her as a religious criminal that they have been pursuing for quite some time.

Epilogue 1.6: Gathering Our Powers...

Apple was disinclined about Kiwi resorting to a method he did not want to use as they have not received approval. However, the merchant just told her to not worry about it as they were in a crisis which she replied that disciplinary action would be imposed on him afterward.

As the Grand Chase members went to their designated positions, Apple thought the demons would realize the plan right away and warned that if any of them loses consciousness, the balance would break and it would fail to activate therefore she stressed that everyone must be protected.

Eventually, Apple confirmed that the energy has been gathered and then was released onto the demons, wiping out all of them. The merchants rejoiced in victory.

Epilogue 1.7: Fire and Ice

Apple told Decanee that she no longer had a chance of winning against them. However, she just invited the merchant to see who would win in the end.

Failing to stop Decanee, Apple supposed that the demon has already gone to Elyos but learning that it was not the case, the merchants received orders from their superiors to seek help from the Grand Chase whom they thought were the only ones capable of stopping Decanee and her plans.

Act 8.1: Dark Streets

Apple contacted the group and asked if they arrived safely at the location. She verified that the place is the domain of the Mouspia gang who seemed to be moving a special item at the behest of Decanee.

Act 8.2: The Back Alley People

When Kyle doubted that there was no other way to find Decanee right away, Apple theorized that the demon was either in a place where she could hide her energies or she possessed a device that did that for her. Arme complained that it has already been a month since, adding that the merchant had them search an empty mountain just a few days ago, but Apple said that the detection tool had malfunctioned and swore the intelligence this time was real.

Act 8.3: Mouspia's Lieutenant

Arme expressed her concern that the merchants may be tricking them by using Decanee as an excuse. Ronan opted for the group to file a complaint if they still have not found her after dealing with the hoodlums with Lass suggesting that it would not just end with a simple complaint.

After the group probed Mouspia's Lieutenant Husky, the merchants received intelligence regarding the boss Big Al that said he had been hiring people with great skill. Apple sent them composite sketches which turned out to be of Jin and Ley.

Act 8.7: Time Gap

Cindy was unable to contact Apple after the Grand Chase was inadvertently transported into a Time Gap.

Act 8.9: Red Knight

As Kiwi wondered what happened to them, the group claimed that they were only gone for a bit which confused the two merchants. Apple told them that they truly disappeared for three days and they could not find them no matter what dimension they looked in.

Left in disbelief after learning that they ended up in a Time Gap, Apple became very concerned about why Decanee wanted the artifact to reach that place. As Ryan worried about Mari, the merchant reassured him that their friend was just showing symptoms of exhaustion from the large energy consumption and Cindy was in the middle of caring for her.

Act 9.2: Port Guards

After fleeing from the security, Apple argued that they had no means of determining Jin and Ley were their friends before and added that it was just how chaotic it was for the merchants as well.

Act 9.3: Meeting Across Dimensions

Apple presented the fake artifact to the group which would be given to the disciples of Creator's Morning.

Act 9.9: Rescue the Citizens!

After rescuing the rest of the survivors, the merchants became troubled after the group had lost trace of their enemies and their means to do so.

Epilogue 2.4: Collapsing Bridge

Apple urged that they must leave quickly before the road starts collapsing on them.

Act 14.1: Demon World Welcome Party

Already away from the group, Apple hoped that their journey would be pleasant and said it should not be too hard if all went according to plan. As the merchants realized the truth of the situation, however, Apple was not able to prevent Ley from alerting their enemies with her identity.

Later on, Ley became annoyed at the merchants for not informing her about the New Hardliners with Apple telling the demon that she never gave her a chance, to begin with.

Act 15.2: To Father's Room

Lire thought that they could ask Apple or Kiwi to get a proper assessment of the situation with the New Hardliners in the Demon World.

Act 19.1: To the Abyss

The group was told by Apple that the upper classes of the Underworld do not do business with Dimensional Trade Exchange.

Epilogue 7.7: Dream of a Butterfly

Arme ordered Kiwi to let Apple contact the others and guide them back to Aernas since they would take the wrong way if he contacts them late again.


  • All known members of the Dimensional Trade Exchange are named after fruits.
    • Apple is named after the eponymous fruit, which typically has thin red or green skin and crisp flesh.




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