Nixie, the aquatic goddess.

The Aquatic Dodgeball is a Mini Game in Grand Chase. It can be found at the 'Mini Games' tab in the Menu. The minigame is available only during certain periods.

The deity called Nixie is the NPC who gives rewards to the players.


The Aquatic Dodgeball minigame in Grand Chase.

The players control Partusay and his objective are to hit the Grand Chase with water balloons to score points. Players move Partusay with the left and right arrow keys and shoot with Spacebar. Hitting multiple members of the Grand Chase at the same time yields more points. Every shot will consume one water balloon. Usually, ten of them are obtained through log-in and for every ten minutes the players stay in the game, they will receive five additional balloons.

When the score meets a certain quota, the player receives a reward. There are only a limited number of rewards. After the player claimed the final prize, there is nothing else to claim no matter what the score is.


Five Grand Chase members are moving around in the minigame. Hitting one dummy yield 5 points. Hitting two dummies at the same time yields 20 points. Hitting three dummies at the same time yields 30 points. Hitting four dummies at the same time yields 40 points. Hitting all members at the same time yields 50 points.

Elesis moves from the right to the left slower than Lass but faster than Zero.
Arme warps from one place to another at regular intervals.
Lass is the fastest among the others and moves from the right to the left and vice versa.
Zero is the slowest among the others and moves from the right to the left and vice versa.
Ley warps from one place to another at regular intervals.

Soccer Attack

There is an alternate version of the minigame known as the Soccer Attack where the players instead control the pet Thommo who has to kick the ball not inside the goalie but towards the members of the Grand Chase.


  • In the other servers, Nixie doesn't have a name and is only called the Goddess of Water or Marine Goddess.




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