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Baldinar Les Meudias was originally the Prime Minister of Kounat responsible for the kingdom's destruction. He would be known as Ashtaroth in the original game.

In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Baldinar was encountered in person and was fought as a boss later on.


Thousands of years before the main events of the game, Baldinar found the Klara Libri, a book containing the secrets of the world. He followed its instructions and created the Soul Stone, however, it was too late when he realized that it could only be controlled by the Kounat Royal Family, who could withstand the "Geas" imposed upon them by the gods. The Aernas Hammer, powered by the Soul Stone, went haywire and destroyed the entire kingdom, leaving Mari as the only living Celestial. The destruction inadvertently created the war between elves and dwarves on the Archimedia continent, as the two sides had blamed each other for the incident ever since.

Even after several hundreds of years, Baldinar had survived as an astral form due to the effects of the Soul Stone. Soon, he snuck deep in Xenia when he realized that the Deity Orbs held by the six gods were pieces of the stone he had created. Due to the Demonic Essence that had been spread by him, numerous creatures evolved into monsters and the gods started to lose their sanity. Taking advantage, Baldinar approached Ashtaroth, the guardian in the Fortress of Ascension, and stole his being.


Kounat's Collapse

In a flashback, it showed how Baldinar got his hands on the Klara Libri from Kassias Grandiel and offered to help him with his research not knowing what the book truly contains.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 6.9: Forest of Life, Last Day

After Kyle defeated Belile and survived the demon's attack, Grandiel made a vague remark in his thoughts about how they had finally escaped fate, curiously mentioning Baldinar's name.

Act 11.5: Two Mages

Kyle and Cindy discussed the war between the elves and dwarves of Archimedia and how she had once read in a book that Grandiel was using that someone whose name she could not fully recall had killed the masters on both sides and then tricked both sides into thinking that the other side did it.

Meanwhile, Scarde who was bashful about being addressed as Kounat Kingdom's supreme magician by the young Grandiel, thought that she could not even compare to him or Baldinar whom the latter, she noticed, had seemingly been a bit depressed ever since the demonic virus started spreading and recently became very intimidating too. She also brought up the rumors about people claiming to have seen a demon in his residence. Realizing how she was speaking ill of his friend, Scarde immediately said sorry to Grandiel and trusted his judgment since he was closer to Baldinar than she was. Then, the magician informed him that the King's aide would join them in capturing the deranged Ancient Demon Duel instead of Esnar.

Act 11.6: The Gunfist

Kounat prime minister.png

Baldinar mocked Duel whom he thought had already been weakened and said that he would have been more dangerous if he was in the right state of mind. As he was about to finish him off, his attention briefly went onto Kyle and Cindy and almost got caught off guard by Duel if not for the elf's magic. After telling Scarde she was useless, Baldinar confronted the strange kids. The young Grandiel tried to cover for them but he saw right through his lie. Although he let it go for his friend, Baldinar warned him that he would kill Kyle and Cindy if he saw them again.

Act 11.7: Scorched Forest

Before he sent them off on their own, the young Grandiel explained to Kyle and Cindy that Baldinar was not a bad person despite his arrogance. However, he instructed them to not loiter around any longer, suggesting that Baldinar might truly harm them the next time.

Act 12.2: Disguised Princess

As they were talking to a few citizens of Kounat to understand the current situation, the Grand Chase learned that both the King and the Prime Minister had yet to take action in resolving the crisis regarding the demonic virus within the city.

Act 12.6: The Cause

When Haru was telling the group about how the demonic virus came to be, he claimed that all of Kounat would have fallen to the disease if not for Baldinar who handled it as quickly as he did which piqued Esnar's interest.

Act 12.9: Fermat Research Lab

Still in shock, Esnar had an idea of who might be responsible for the construction of such questionable facilities in the basement of the royal palace. Though she had hoped of it not being the case, her suspicion had been confirmed when the Prime Minister Baldinar appeared and charged the General for illegally entering and destroying the kingdom's main properties as well as leading an uprising against the Kounat Royal Family. Despite his command, the Kounat soldiers hesitated, and with that Esnar challenged Baldinar's authority. However, he showed the royal letter with the King's handwriting saying to capture the General and deem her a traitor if she refused to follow. Before coming with him, Esnar asked Baldinar one condition to let his comrades go to which he accepted although he noted how Kyle got lucky as he did say he would kill the boy for seeing him again.

A few moments later, Baldinar was seen talking with Decanee who was delighted to hear that the Prime Minister managed to remove one of the big threats to their schemes.

Act 13.6: Grandiel's Residence

While on their way to Grandiel's old residence, the elf recounted the time when Baldinar put up the light that was right in front of them because he thought the way to his house was always so dark and difficult to get to. Afterward, Baldinar's subordinate Nia tried to capture the group but they were able to chase her away.

When Grandiel finally met with his past self, he informed everyone that Baldinar was trying to become the new Creator and would inadvertently explode the Aernas Hammer in the process which the young Grandiel refused to believe. However, he clarified that it needed to happen anyway or Baldinar would truly become the new Creator, adding that it was not because of the Prime Minister that Kounat would disappear but rather because the Grand Chase stopped him before he ascended.

In a separate one-on-one conversation with the young Grandiel, the elf told his past self that the people of the future with him who would battle Baldinar had already died from the explosion in a different timeline. After hearing about Baldinar's power and Heitaros, the young Grandiel swore to do everything he could to change their future.

Act 13.7: The Approaching Darkness

As they continue their journey, Grandiel told the Grand Chase that there was someone they must meet before they proceed to stop Baldinar.

Act 13.9: The 3, Reunited Again

Kyle tried to attack Elscud but he told the boy that it would not be enough to beat Baldinar and Decanee. A few moments after her father fled, Elesis who came to their rescue had then led the group to put a stop on Kaze'aze and Baldinar once and for all.

Epilogue 3.1: Alpawtraz Prison

In a flashback, Baldinar was nagging Grandiel to stop reading the Klara Libri which he thought was just another boring book that he found, and dragged him out of his room to join the festival, adding that the elf would never become popular by reading books, though he promised to help his friend with his important research afterward. Despite Grandiel's protests, they continued to explore the festival, then along the way, Baldinar saw a certain lady and was captivated by her beauty.

Epilogue 3.2: The Execution

In another flashback, Grandiel was looking for Baldinar as he had a lot of cleaning to do when he saw him along with the same woman from the festival, seemingly enamored with each other's company.

Back into the execution, Baldinar provoked Esnar by saying that the citizens of Kounat, which in reality had already seen through his schemes, gathered like little insects to watch her die. The people demanded that he summon the King before they proceed with the execution but His Majesty was supposedly not feeling well according to the Prime Minister who was adamant to carry on the execution. To his surprise, however, his elf friend Grandiel stepped in, declaring his objection, and warned Baldinar that he was not allowed to continue without the King. He tried to threaten the elf with treason but with Mari showing herself to the public in support of Esnar, Baldinar finally decided to reveal what King Arsad had turned into. Before he could harm everyone, Scarde warped the citizens away from him though he said that all of those was for naught as the world would end on that day, challenging the Grand Chase to stop him.

Epilogue 3.3: King Fallen by Demonic Energy

A flashback showed how Baldinar, who was visibly in distress about the outbreak, dealt with the situation and reached a verdict of ending those who were truly affected by the demonic virus. Despite feeling conflicted, Grandiel and Esnar understood his decision as he claimed that everyone should end up dying if they did nothing. To his shock, however, Baldinar later found out that the girl he fell in love with had fallen under the virus herself.

After the Grand Chase defeated his henchmen, the tied up Esnar demanded Baldinar to turn Arsad back to normal but the Prime Minister told her that he simply could not do it as the King was already dead then went for the kill before Varonas came in the nick of time to her rescue. Meanwhile, Decanee and Elscud appeared to help Baldinar buy more time. Then the Prime Minister watched as King Arsad became corrupted by the Ancient Demonic Energy.

Epilogue 3.4: Baldinar's Creation

The flashback where Baldinar was fully absorbed by the contents of the Klara Libri and went insane was shown. The attendant monitoring him for days told Grandiel that he had still not come out from the room and there were times he would just wash his hands all day or destroy everything in sight. When the elf checked on him, the Prime Minister was already sold on the idea of being able to create a new world without any sadness or mistakes. He got upset about Grandiel disapproving of his fantasies but when his friend wished he could have his personality, Baldinar asked the elf if they could ever go back to how things were and be like his past self again.

After the General stopped King Arsad, the Prime Minister taunted Esnar of how she truly had committed treason. Then he demonstrated the power of Creation which manifested into a monstrous being.

When Baldinar's Creation was vanquished, the Prime Minister was already on to creating another one when Esnar charged directly at him, leaving her right arm impaired. Due to his overconfidence, however, the General caught him off guard and had successfully landed a critical strike. Before they were put in any more danger, Decanee urged Elscud that they move the unconscious Baldinar to the Aernas Hammer immediately. While everyone else was tasked to ensure the civilians' safety, Grandiel told his past self to take care of their future 1,500 years later by killing Baldinar but his young self swore not to let it get to that state in the first place.

Epilogue 3.5: Chief Researcher Fermat

To reach Baldinar and Decanee who had moved to the Aernas Hammer, the Grand Chase passed by Fermat's Research Lab through the castle's basement and finished all of the doctor's experiments.

Epilogue 3.6: The World's End

In the flashback continuing off from when Grandiel locked himself and Ashtaroth in the Wizard's Labyrinth, he told Elscud who managed to enter his tower through the Dimensional Chasm that Baldinar's troops had absorbed the False Creator's power and were able to give form to a mere thought of Heitaros. This concerned Elscud but Grandiel reassured him that the soul of Baldinar was not in its complete state and should be around the ruins of Kounat. Then he asked the Red Knight to end Baldinar from the past if they failed their mission as this should recreate the Great Explosion that would prevent the world's end from the hands of the newly born Creator.

Epilogue 3.7: New World

After his conversation with Elscud from the previous flashback, Grandiel located the missing fragment of Baldinar's soul. To his surprise, however, the fragment had manifested into the form of two children, each bearing a familiar face, and could not bring himself to destroy them so he raised the kids like they were his own instead.

Back in the Aernas Hammer grounds, seeing the courageous Kyle as he faced off Baldinar who had just ascended as the False Creator reminded the elf of how he wished the Prime Minister would return to his lively and dignified self.

For a brief moment, after the Grand Chase stopped him from gaining full control of the Creator's power he had acquired, Baldinar transported Kyle and Cindy in a liminal space saying that he gave up being the Creator and would be taken from the Great Explosion. Adding that the demonic energy inside him should manifest into a hive mind and would cause great suffering in the future, the Prime Minister revealed that they whom he wanted to meet for the last time were parts of him and said he could send them back in the present time by using the power of Zephyr Wings Nephilim which had stayed within Kyle. As the boy accepted the risk in doing so, Baldinar noted that untroubledness of his reminded the chief of how he used to be and told him to keep being himself. Then he gave his regards to his friend, the elf Grandiel, for letting him meet someone he loved as well as seeing his most beloved selves.

Act 21.5: Danger Climbing the Wall

As Kyle started to see visions of Baldinar's beloved woman alongside the worried Cindy, the boy thought he seemed to have heard what sounded to be like the Prime Minister's voice saying he would never be able to escape and it caused his "instinct" to go awaken.

Act 21.6: Trauma Imprinted on Soul

Mari told the enraged Sieghart not to confuse Baldinar's soul with what the body had done and implied that Kyle tried to attack his comrades instinctively.

Epilogue 6.4: Ruler's Rights

An illusion of Baldinar manifested in Kyle's mind and seduced him into embracing his instinct instead of denying it. He claimed that the boy was not Baldinar despite coming from him and said his idea of "righteousness" had burdened his friends. Kyle was swayed to seek more power and walk the same path as him, unaware of the evil behind the illusion of Baldinar.

Epilogue 6.6: Casted Shadow of Greed

Behind Kyle whose instinct had been triggered once again was Baldinar which left the Grand Chase confused. However, the Ancient Demon Duel quickly discerned that it was the Demon God Heitaros wearing Baldinar's image.

Nelia told the group that Baldinar no longer existed and had already become a part of Heitaros by absorbing him, adding that he should feel honored as he was used as an offering for the Demon God's resurrection. As they realized that the Baldinar clones were next, the First Lord figured out that Cindy was also a fragment of his soul and started attacking them.

As the war between Heitaros and the Ancient Demons came to a close, the Bounty Hunter Tristan had mentioned Baldinar once again and claimed that he had successfully secured the Creator's strength from his ruins who were also buried in the Tower of Memories, confident that he was then as strong as the Demon Gods, but he would later find out it was merely a trap set up by Legis Wilde.

Epilogue 6.7: Crazy Envoy

With the disgraced Underworld King Plouton resurrected afterward, Sieghart stressed how they could not let Baldinar come back again no matter who their opponent was.

Epilogue 7.4: Identical

Although her companions were left in awe of how it was possible that the Tower of Disappearance and the monsters inhabiting within could be copied, albeit a lesser copy, Io did not find it out to be incredible whatsoever as it was merely due to the False Creator's power, something she realized she was not supposed to disclose.


Baldinar can be fought as a boss in Epilogue 3.7: New World as the False Creator.

Baldinar creates copies of Kounat Soldiers that were encountered in the game prior. If these are not cleared within the given time limit, he will gain an increase in damage dealt, and a decrease in received damage for the rest of the battle as well as having his skill cooldown reduced. Then he recovers a huge amount of HP/MP.

After 8 seconds, Baldinar focuses his mind to enhance his creations. This can be interrupted by the player with a stun or any flinching skills.


  • Baldinar bears a slight resemblance to the concept design of Elscud in the original game.




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