Ballon Pop is a Grand Chase Mini Game. It can be found at the Mini Games tab in the Menu. The Mini Game is available only during certain periods.

How to playEdit

The player controls Lire ( in her first job ). The objective is to aim and shoot ballons that fall from the sky. Each ballon takes only one shot to pop and there are different types of ballons, some worth more points and some fall faster. The difficulty of the mini game increases as the level increases after a specific number of ballons are popped.  If three ballons fall on the ground untouched, then is game over and the player receives a reward according to the score.


  • The player can use Lire's special skills as well; while some of her specials might be not useful, Arrow Rain and Arrow Storm are quite useful in order to pop many ballons at once. Specials requires mana, obviously.
  • If the player's Lire character has set up some variations in the skill tree, those will carry over the Lire character of the mini game. This could be a glitch or intentional.