Barakhufu, in his cage

Barakhufu is an elderly Goblin who seems to have a broad understanding of Alcubra.

He is first encountered by the Grand Chase whilst trapped in a cage at the Goblin Work Site, held prisoner by Sethek. After he is freed, he tells a tale of immortality and of a hidden object called the Crown of Sands that could not only make its wielder healthy, young, and powerful, but also grant the secrets of necromancy. Arme questions where this artifact might be hidden, but Barakhufu doesn't know, and leaves shortly afterwards. Elesis believes his tale to be nothing more than a joke and gets the feeling that they've been had as the Chase leaves the area. They do not discover the old goblin returning with a sinister grin on his face.

It is eventually revealed that Barakhufu was actually using the Grand Chase to obtain the Crown of Sands for himself. Some time prior to the Chase's arrival in the Deserted Town, Barakhufu steals the fragment of the crown that had been in turn stolen by Khufu from the Kungji; Khufu describes the assailant as a hooded man who stated the fragment was something that doesn't belong to the bandits before vanishing, and believes that the hooded man came from Ra Canyon. After the Chase locate the third and final piece of the Crown of Sands in Seth's Pyramid, Barakhufu appears and unleashes a rain of lightning on the Chase and steals the two pieces in their possession, using all three fragments to transform into Immortal Barakhufu and promptly engaging the Chase in battle. However, despite the transformation, Barakhufu is defeated and destroyed along with the Crown of Sands.


  • Barakhufu is one of five bosses who can transform, the others being Victor, Elena, Kaze'aze, Thanatos, and Ashtaroth.
  • Barakhufu is one of three bosses to have betrayed the Grand Chase, the others being Victor and Elena.
  • Barakhufu is the only character so far with a transformation into a more powerful boss who does not fight the Grand Chase prior.
  • Barakhufu betraying the Chase and effortlessly stealing the fragments of the Crown of Sands is rather strange. The betrayals of Victor and Elena should have prepared them for Barakhufu's. The Grand Chase, which consisted of ten god-rivaling warriors at that time, are all capable of either evading or deploying a barrier to shield themselves from Barakhufu's attack.