The continent of Bermesiah, located at the lower-left corner.

Bermesiah is one of the two major continents in the world of Aernas, the other being Ellia. Before it was divided into Serdin and Kanavan in the game, Bermesiah is the first map players start on.

In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, the continent is the seventh region explored and consists of three regular dungeons and one Epilogue dungeon.


There is nothing else known about Bermesiah other than that it was once inhabited by the lizard creatures known as Lacerta long before the refugees from the Great Explosion of Kounat lead by General Esnar Din Kanavan and Arch Mage Scarde Vi Serdin came upon the continent after a long voyage and eventually established the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin.


The continent of Bermesiah houses the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin as well as the hidden Eryuell Island where the elves live. The two kingdoms coexisted together peacefully until one day when the Queen of Darkness began her attempt to conquer the land.

Kaze'aze began the long war between Kanavan and Serdin when she killed the Queen of Kanavan's most trusted advisor. Disguised herself as him, she enticed the Queen with darkness.

After the war had ended, the Queen of Serdin was determined to prevent Kaze'aze from starting another war and organized the creation of an elite group of warriors who would fight for all of Bermesiah, the Grand Chase.

Years later, a Dimensional Portal leading from Trivia opens in an uncharted area of the Bermesiah continent where Veigas would eventually emerge.


Serdin Kingdom

Serdin Evening
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Serdin is one of two kingdoms that rule on Bermesiah. It is the kingdom of magic and many phenomenal warriors such as Arme and Edel hail from Serdin. There are also two known organizations within the kingdom: the Violet Mage guild, and the Knights of Serdin.

Kanavan Kingdom

24 Kanavan
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Kanavan is one of the two kingdoms that rule on Bermesiah. It is the kingdom of swordsmanship and many phenomenal swordsmen such as Elesis, Ronan, Elscud, and Sieghart hail from Kanavan. There are also four known organizations within the kingdom: the Kanavan Royal Guard, the Ruby Knights, the Kanavan Trackers, and the Existor.

Eryuell Island

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Eryuell Island is the home of elves in Bermesiah. At first, the island was a hiding spot for elves when the war between Kanavan and Serdin occurred. Eryuell Island hosts the Elven Corps organization where Lire originated.


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  • The original Grand Chase members, Rin, Asin, and Edel Frost made their first appearance in the story of Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser in this area.




Dungeons of Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser
Crimson River
Burning Canyon
Stages Stages Stages Stages Stages

Act 1: Abbey
Act 2: Chilly Mine
Act 3: Beroiah
Act 4: Maelstrom
Act 5: Imp Empire
Act 6: Forest of Life
Act 7: Teroka

Act 8: Mouspia
Act 9: Airship Port
Act 10: Temple of Time

Act 11: Outskirts of Kounat
Act 12: Kounat City Center
Act 13: Bright Forest

Act 14: Demon World Station
Act 15: Crimson River Mansion
Act 16: Sky City

Act 17: Eternal Valley
Act 18: Burning Canyon's Mansion
Act 19: Abyss of Demon World

Epilogue Epilogue Epilogue Epilogue Epilogue

Siege of Teroka

Temple of Time

Great Explosion of Kounat


Underworld Train

Stages Stages Stages

Act 20: Wilderness
Act 21: Gateway Base
Act 22: Underworld City

Act 23: Serdin Kingdom
Act 24: Elven Forest
Act 25: Kanavan Kingdom

Act 26: Partusay's Sea
Act 27: Kamiki's Castle
Act 28: Hell Bridge

Epilogue Epilogue Epilogue

Tower of Memories

Tower of Disappearance


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