Beroiah is the third dungeon of Kricktria. It marks the return of the Grand Chase character Mari Ming Ornette in the story of Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.

Looking for a ship to ride on, Grandiel's group arrived at the city of Beroiah which has been covered with fog for a month now. Along the way, they met Lydia of the Norwood company who was investigating the bizarre phenomenon and joined her in the pursuit. Later, they learned that the Big Fort company is responsible for the fog and a part of a bigger conspiracy.

After sneaking into the company, the group overheard the conversation of Stavrogin and Decanee regarding the transportation of prana stones in exchange for turning him into a demon. While looking for evidence, they found a secret passage leading to a suspicious laboratory. There, they were almost defeated by the mad scientist Dr. Merken when Mari came to rescue.

Fighting their way through the docks as the ship departs, the group encountered Decanee only to leave again after turning Stavrogin into a demon. After the whole ordeal, they were able to get a free ride only to be tricked by Decanee, taking the ship down the depths of the sea.


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  • Olivia is a Rank S character who also live in Beroiah but never made an appearance in the story nor any of the Battle System modes of the game.



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