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Bestair is a Guild Manager from the Serdin Kingdom and Rita's childhood friend.

He initially appeared in the game as an NPC in charge of the Guild System.


When they were young, Rita was always bullied by the kids in her neighborhood. Bestair always tried to protect her but since the two were no match for them, they always ended up crying together.

One day Bestair decided to become stronger to protect her from the bullies. He practiced swordsmanship with a stick every day until finally, he was able to defeat the bullies. Ever since then, none of the children dared to make fun of him and Rita.

However, Bestair wanted to become much stronger and wanted to join the Ruby Knights so that he could protect Rita forever. Even though he did not manage to get into their group, he still protects the kingdom from its enemies.


Berkas' Lair

Having detected an unusual collision of mana in Alcubra, the kingdom of Serdin sent its troops to investigate the lair. Coincidentally, the Grand Chase also arrived for similar reasons, and Bestair assisted them in their fight against Berkas by providing information about the magical weapons that are necessary to take down the Iron Dragon.


  • Oddly enough, Bestair initially chose the Ruby Knights to join despite the guild being in Kanavan whereas the Knights of Serdin would have been the more sensible option.




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