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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 10 January 2021

Regarding Private Servers

I've read as of December 2020, according to an announcement from one of the private servers available in the game, most private servers were taken down by KOG Studios due to legal requests from their company, thus these private servers have suspended their service in an indefinite time.

The Private Servers article has now been deleted and is replaced with Tia's article at the Featured Article section. Since these private servers have suspended their service, I've decided Grand Chase Wiki would not endorse them at the moment until we hear anymore news from those said private servers. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 30 September 2020

Regarding FANDOM's migration software

FANDOM has announced something that all FANDOM wikis will be migrated to a new software. However, this new migration software has caused some articles to look broken, unreadable, and unorganized, as some codes for articles don't work anymore, much to our dismay. Me and our admins User: AugustHunt and User: Shiningclaw, will do our best to fix this situation and try to figure/adjust to this new platform. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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DreamingJayR DreamingJayR 15 September 2020

Europa Preregistration Event

Europa Jupiter is about to be released on Global-Asia/Western Servers. Preregister now and claim her ln September 29th!

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 15 September 2020

Regarding Bond System

While I did create a Sandbox page for some characters' information, I advice everyone to not add or change the information of each characters' height, blood type, or birthdays at the moment. The sandbox I made is still incomplete and some information for other characters is yet to be found and translated. The Bond System is not yet released in any English-based servers in the meantime. All new information about each Dimensional Chaser characters will go undo or rollout. I will inform people that they can add information about characters when Bond System finally comes.

Bond System will now be added on Global on September 22nd.

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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 26 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Grand Chase Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here:

I will be around to check your RecentChanges occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 20:08, March 26, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 25 November 2019

English voice actors for GCDC

Two server merges for Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser (Philippines, Japan, and SE Asia/North America, Latin America, and Europe) have been implemented and first ones (PH, JP, and SEA) have now been given an option to change their voice settings in Japanese, Portuguese, and English. But I've just noticed that voice actors for the English voice have still not been credited in-game. 

Because of this, I ask for everyone not to add voice actors for the English version just yet until the game will show finally show the credits for them. But if you do know an information about who the voice actors are for each characters, please put a reference or source for it. It must be confirmed by the voice actors themselves or a credit list of their roles. Th…

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 1 October 2019

Contribution from anonymous users is now disabled

It's come to my conclusion that contribution from anonymous FANDOM users from the Wiki is now disabled as of today, since I've been noticing some anonymous users are trying to vandalize the Wiki, and even try to come back despite being banned.

For now on, all users are now required to create their own FANDOM accounts, if they want to contribute in this Wiki and/or leave comments in some articles. Previous article comments left by anonymous FANDOM users may probably still be intact.

But please still refer to our Wiki rules before making a FANDOM account.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 26 May 2019

Regarding about an article posted in GC Wiki

I've been alerted by my co-admin AugustHunt that an anonymous user made an article in Wiki titled "Abuse and lifetime blocking of the site -". The article contains a threat that they would "block our domain" and even try to defame or sue us, in exchange for cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin).

That said article has been deleted as it's a scam, and no such person cannot have that ability to block a domain if the FANDOM page doesn't follow their order, and I'm sure Grand Chase Wiki is not the only one who received this message. If a FANDOM page you know has received this, please contact your administrator or bureaucrat to ignore the "threat" and ask them to immediately delete it. 

Thank you for reading this blog.

Ellie Siegha…

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 11 October 2018

Infobox/Character broke

We've noticed that the template for Characters' (of the PC Version) infobox have been changed, making the old entries not shown.

This problem will be fixed tonight by re-editing the articles and using the newest infobox template.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Our team will do our best to fix this problem.

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Hezikiel Hezikiel 25 August 2018

Built is your helpful editor

Im Hezikiel also known as "Built" at GrandChase Dimensional Chaser (SEA Server)!~ I'll be participating for editing and visual images of the characters if possible. I also want for this wiki to grow!~

God Bless and More Power~

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 30 July 2018

Grand Chase Wiki:About Update (finally!)

The Grand Chase Wiki's About has been updated. Now with rules and regulations for the Wiki! Thank you so much for contributing and support Grand Chase Wiki. I hope you've all have a great day. If you have any questions about it, please comment right ahead!

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 28 July 2018

Updates for Grand Chase Wikia

Thank you so much for supporting, contributing and editing Grand Chase Wiki! We really appreciate your help! Ever since Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser has been released in the Philippines, we've been so motivated to help improve Grand Chase Wiki, like adding more articles, cleaning up stuff and more! I'd like to thank User:AugustHunt and User:Sairinni for such help!

I'm back to help improve and add something to Wiki. I'm currently:

  • removing the Grand Chase M tab on the parent tab
  • adding Romaji names on both Korean and Japanese voice actors, for Grand Chase Dimensional Chase characters
  • adding a parent tab to Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser character articles

And some other stuff! We hope you'd support our work for this Wiki. Leave a comment or s…

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AugustHunt AugustHunt 10 June 2018

New admin here!

Hi, chasers! Some probably know me for uploading tons of images lately, especially stuff about Grand Chase for kakao. I became a bureaucrat today on behalf of admin Ellie Sieghart as she is busy at the moment. I usually just add images in articles, fix grammatical errors and if available, add references. I have ideas about designing the main page but until the approval of the main admins, I refrain from doing major changes in the Wiki (I did something testing though as you can see in the header). Anyhow, feel free to post suggestions or request on my wall and I'll try my very best to do the tasks.

Also, admin Ellie is still looking for admins so if you have what it takes, please go to Ellie's profile and look for the admin hiring blog.

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 8 June 2018

Opinions of Grand Chase M/Grand Chase Kakao of this wiki?

Hey, admin here! It's been a long time. Now, a friend has discussed me about Grand Chase M and Grand Chase for kakao being added in this wiki and I thought I could give you guys your opinion on those being added. We've also discussed if those two mobile games will be surmerged with this Wiki or be separated and have another wiki for it.

So now, I needed your honest opinion and suggestions about how to handle the two mobile games. Should...

Grand Chase for Kakao and Grand Chase M submerge to the wiki?

If so, then I will let people who will put canon stuff, stories of both mobile games for everyone. If not, every info about for both mobile games except the articles of the game will be removed in the wiki. If you have any more doubts, please do …

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IWM IWM 6 May 2018


Hello! I'd been visiting this site ever since I first started Grand Chase in its Chaos season. I'm a player from PH and a die-hard fan of the game (Mari main, haha). I've recently played Grand Chase again in the Madness server, and it felt very nostalgic and good to play the game again. And so, I decided to contribute as much as I can in this wiki to preserve and improve its pages (maybe I'll find a way to translate GC for kakao soon, maybe...)

Long Live the Chase!

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 11 February 2018

New admin/users/designers hiring!

If you're interested on improving Grand Chase Wikia, design wise or stuff, then you're into the job!

I'm looking for users who can be:

  • Trusted admins
  • Improve more stuff on the Wikia
  • Take care of the contents of the wiki (like adding more photos, fixing stubs and broken articles. Fixing grammars and typos too.)
  • Can add more information about Grand Chase M or Grand Chase for kakao
  • Any more ideas you could think of
  • Keeping an eye on random users who would vandalize the articles
  • A designer for the wiki page

If you're interested of taking care of the Wiki, please do message me or comment if you're interested. I will also ask you some stuff if you will.

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AdmSnail AdmSnail 4 July 2016

The End of Grand Chase

if any of you want to interperate this into the wikia it'd be greatly appreciated

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AdmSnail AdmSnail 21 May 2016

Concerning Private Servers

just for future reference, try to stay away from mentioning any private servers on the wikia (except maybe adding your ign to your page)

if gc does return in the future, we would like to remain a trusted and accurate source of information not only for the players, but also whichever company decides to reboot the game. 

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AdmSnail AdmSnail 30 January 2016

history tab

would it be safe to remove this for the characters who do not have a history page (meaning everyone but uno)?

a lot of them are just non-existant and that red link staring at me is bothersome. 

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 27 January 2016

So some little changes at Grand Chase Wiki's looks and stuff

Hello, everyone! I apologize for the inactivity by the past few days, and so I went to this Wiki again for checking. I've been now appointed for a new admin of the Wiki, so I'll try my best to fix things up here.

So here are some stuff I added and changed:

  • New Wiki theme background (It's actually been years since we had the same Mari background...)
    • If you're experiencing a bug where the Wiki theme still appears as the last edited one, please use purge.
  • Article Comments and Forums are enabled (Please feel free to talk about your favorite character article and anything else!)

I've noticed that some ogg files since in some Dungeon-related articles are broken, so I may probably fix that.

I would probably need some assistances for editing the Wikia a…

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Ellie Sieghart Ellie Sieghart 23 September 2015

Adopting Grand Chase Wikia

Hello, everyone! I was wondering here in I could have permission to adopt Grand Chase Wikia.

The reason why I wanted to adopt the Wikia because of its outdated theme, some vandals happening in the page, and probably hiring anymore members to be active. I know Grand Chase did came to an end but the seeing the Wikia looks like a graveyard here. 

I hope one of the admin/sysop wouldn't mind about adopting the Wikia though...

---Chihiyoko123 (talk) 09:09, September 23, 2015 (UTC)

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Meowgirly07 Meowgirly07 30 November 2013


Hi! My name is Arabelle call me Azumia, I'm a gamer,3d Modeler and an artist on GrandChase and on deviantART

I'm new here so I don't know how things work here, please guide me

I'll post some printscreen of my game,3d works and my artworks

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Whabang Whabang 26 November 2013

Who has the best ultimate in your opinion?

I like leys ultimate a lot, but I want to hear other's thoughts for this topic.

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Phirrek Phirrek 19 November 2013

This thing I did

Been awhile since I worked on a wiki but the last game shut down. Not too much I can contribute, but I'm still having fun with my profile even if nobody ever sees it.

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Jass2zhang22 Jass2zhang22 12 October 2013

What I like :3

  • I love Dogs
  • (Pup/Puppy:3)
  • Games i play  :3
  • Gc
  • Elswords
  • Maplestory
  • Online games
  • Any attacking game
  • My fav flower is an ROSE
  • My fav color is AQUA 

(Ps i love play minecraft woops) 

  • Need more info ask ME!
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Oxytal Oxytal 6 October 2013


have i dun good yet mum

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Lucasx3 Lucasx3 22 July 2013


Taking a little break from GC, I will still be on the Wiki though.

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Lucasx3 Lucasx3 19 July 2013


Currently leveling my Dio, Rin, andRufus.

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Lucarne-Artemis Lucarne-Artemis 16 July 2013

Grand Chase Vs. Elsword (Game)

Whch is the Best? (Elsword is my favorite and is better) , Elsword Vs. Grand Chase , Even though made by KOG , which is the best no matter what? , Your Choice --Queenlucarnestar22 (talk) 03:56, July 16, 2013 (UTC)Queenlucarnestar22 --

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TropicalPoop TropicalPoop 10 July 2013

The llama mama


Nice to meet you all, My code name (What? lol) Is 

THE LLAMA MAMA.  (I'm male.)

I fling poop at monkeys for fun.

That's it.

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Lurieta Lurieta 4 June 2013

Rin Fan Fic.: The Reincarnation of a Goddess 

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Blue Soldier Blue Soldier 29 March 2013

Favorite 5

what are your favorite or top 5 characters in grand chase?

Mine are:









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ShadowKazuni ShadowKazuni 9 November 2012

So uh, s'up.

I just signed up, and I was wanting to say hi, and uh...

Free cookies anyone? *offering cookies*

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Vinzy 17 Vinzy 17 19 October 2012

recent GCPH issue

if you are not interested then there's no point in reading this. but this is to inform you. if you want proof there's a copy of the event announcement in the forum thread HERE. in case you want me to translate the annoucement (only the part related to bakunawa) here it is (with a little help w/ google translate) . bakunawa, the mythological serpent dragon as mascot (i think mascot is what they call their pets in bgc, right?) arrives in Brazil . through the VIP system, you will be able to have it. he helped you in combat! -= -= -= -= and for bakunawa's release here in GCPH GCPH Exclusive Pet: Bakunawa Bakunawa Returns w/ Cash Skill

ahh yea... this issue is about GCPH's supposedly 2nd exclusive pet (after Sarimanok), Bakunawa. people ove…

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Juangab123 Juangab123 28 May 2012


  • 1 Description
    • 1.1 Main Info
    • 1.2 Other
  • 2 Unlocking

  • Name: Clair Vernet
  • Age:15
  • Likes: Reading good books
  • Dislikes: Boring stuff

Prior to joining to Grand Chase, Claire was a weaver in the Ellia continent. Even the hardest chore is just easy for her. One day, while she was on the way to her house to weave some mats, Clair accidentally fell into a deep cliff. Ryan saved and brought her to their base. She woke up and knew what happened. As an exchange for Ryan, she joined the Grand Chase to help them.

  • Clair joined the Chase as an exchange for Ryan, who saved her from dying when she fell into a cliff.
  • Clair can become aggresive when someone tries to anger her despite her personality being so joyful.

Clair is only an OC so she cannot be unlocked in the act…

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LyreOfOrpheHyus LyreOfOrpheHyus 5 March 2012

Grand Chase Fanon Wiki

Hello Grand Chasers, I've created a fanon wiki for all of us to have fun. You can create your characters and roleplay them using our easy-to-use roleplay bubbles. For more info and fun, go to this link: Grand Chase Fanon

Thanks! Will you walk the path of Asura? 06:00, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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JonHS JonHS 3 February 2012

Grand Chase

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Chrismh Chrismh 18 December 2011

Um, would like some advice...

Alright, so today and for... as long as I can remember really. Whenever I try to view the skills list for other classes/jobs (Like Arm'e second, which uses the pot thing.) I can never view them. In practice mode sure. But when I play the game normally, I cant see them. Its rather annoying not being able to change and edit the skills to fit my preferences like I can with the first job/class.

Anyway, why is this? In the top left corner where the squares are showing the jobs icons, the second isn't even lit up or anything. My Amy is also like this and I honestly have no clue why. I've tried to equip the weapons belonging to the class/job, and even restarting and quitting. No fixes.

I did do the class/job requirements, you know the quest? But is…

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Smulder Smulder 24 November 2011

Monster Cards

Since I love the monster cards and I try to collect them, I wanted to post them somewhere on the internet so people could use the information on them. I found out GrandChase had a wikia so I decided to do it there, since I use the wikia's for other games too.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them so I've done about 2 changes to show what I was planning to do, on the page Slime and Treant. Also the whole List of Monster Cards has to be updated, on which I am planning to help.

I just need a confirm from an admin that I am allowed to do this!

Cheers Smulder. 14:35, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

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Bruno matheus machado Bruno matheus machado 12 November 2011

grand chase

garnd chase é o jogo mais leal que eu ja vi em todo a minha vida rpg por isso e u digo joguem pois serao bom tem 13 personagens elesis,lire,arme,siergath,ronam,lass,ryam,mari,amy,dio,jin,zero,rey.

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Awsome29 Awsome29 11 May 2011

My guild

so far i only have 4 members but i've been trying to get friends and other people to join my guild (BlazinEspada)

but so far no real luck my bro said he would try to get some of his friends to join but none has.

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Pastelle Pastelle 2 November 2010

Back from a break.

Hey everyone o-o So I'm back from this unknown break. Partially I left for a while because of school, I had to study to pass my year and stuff, I did. So now I'm a senior and doing my last year. Wish me luck, the other side I left was because of problems in life. Maybe some of you knew I had a relationship from nearly 2 years, that ones over. But I've come to realise how bad that was. So I'm happy with my new boyfriend, someome who plays Grand Chase with us :3 I was having downsides at school because of bullies and stuff, and they cracked my confidence and soul. So I'm trying tu build up myself again.

Missed you all!! And I'm happy having you guys ;]

- Pastelle

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ScorpionX2 ScorpionX2 4 December 2009


How would u help a person on this game if they r new????

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Tobi-Uchiha Tobi-Uchiha 25 November 2009

with name is beter for me ?




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DeathByDarkness DeathByDarkness 3 August 2009


Hm, I've got a few things on my mind, and since I'm too lazy to make an actual blog or something, this'll do.

1. School starts for me soon, on the 18th, to be exact. Who knows how that'll kill me. 2. I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled, and based on what I've been told. . . . Oh lawd I am not looking forward to it. x_x 3. Chapter 20 of Tales of Change turned to be crap. 4. I really need to draw more. In fact, I gotta put clothes on this sketch of Elesis I'm working on. 5. I want a five, because I felt like it, so there.

Oh, and if anyone's reading this, please find a way to fix the poll, it like, is too big! D: Well, width-wise, which means. . . the poll's fat. I just wanted to have a poll so others could like, vote and stuff, y'know? T~T Bah…

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Lordraeo Lordraeo 12 July 2009

fan update 2

two new characters have been added and are under construction

Lord Raeo



click here to view them:


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DeathByDarkness DeathByDarkness 11 July 2009

Test blog post.

Hm, this is just a test, to see how this blog works. I might keep a weekly blog if I like it. -- death by the eternal darkness 16:42, 11 July 2009 (UTC)

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Lordraeo Lordraeo 11 July 2009

fan update

check out the grand chase fan wiki link on the home page..... a new sketch has finally be made for Kyro

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