Brady is a Bounty Hunter from the Wilderness who took part in the revolution against the Underworld regime.


There is nothing else known about Brady other than being one of the assault generals in the Haros Justice Army.


Act 20.7: Tail After Tail

Brady felt uncomfortable when the Justice Army was requested to help the Queen because Heitaros' invasion is going to happen soon, thinking that General Russell was swayed by the words of Her Highness and feared that everything they have prepared is going to be for nothing. Later on, Marcus fought alongside Eva and Brady as gate soldiers poured in their village.

Act 21.1: Get Up Haros!

Brady asked if they should have a toast after the Justice Army succeeded in taking over the Gateway Base and drove Changhae and his soldiers away.

Act 21.3: Revolutionary Army

Brady found out that the Grand Chase were the cause of all the chaos and told Eva to show her skill as they engaged in a battle that ended to their defeat. Brady calmed Eva down after he surrendered, adding that they don't have to fight so much in their territory.

As the Queen attested that there are still loyal people in the court, Brady mocked Her Highness for not being very persuasive since she ran off into the Wilderness.


Brady can be fought as a boss alongside Eva in Act 21.3: Revolutionary Army.

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