Champion Mode button

Champion Mode is a 4th dungeon difficulty for every dungeon, with the exception of Trial Forest and Trial Tower. In this mode, the level is higher than the Very Hard difficulty, is a straight route to the boss (excluding several), and all monsters, including bosses, have demonic Buffs. However, when a boss summons a minion, they will strangely not have these demonic buffs, but are just simply high leveled compared to the dungeon.


Champion Mode Ticket

In order for players to even access the Champion Mode map (which is just the same map, but pressing the Champion button changes the music and gives a red tinge to the edge of the world map), they must have at least beaten the dungeon on all 3 difficulties (namely the 3rd star), and possess one Champion Mode Ticket. A Ticket is obtained either through daily attendance(as well as the bonus "perfect" weekly attendance),or through the shop, under Academy, for 200,000 GP for 1 ticket or 1000 Cash for 5. If one does not have a Champion mode ticket after completion of a run in Champion Mode, they will automatically be kicked out of the room and out of Champion Mode. A ticket will be used up whether or not the dungeon is completed, if a player leaves the room, if the stage fails to load, or if the player get disconnected while the dungeon is loading.

Champion mode is played in order to obtain the crests of each dungeon from Outer Wall of Serdin and beyond. Each crest requires a certain number of runs, with the next dungeon requiring one more than the previous to obtain. Upon completion of each dungeon, a player can receive a Jewel Box, sometimes a Treasure Chest, and a Rune Box. However, this was written out when Season 3 came up and only left the Runes. After collecting all the crests after Bermesiah, the next crest will need ten less champion runs, but it only applies to the next crest, and doesn't affect the others. Example: After collecting the Treant Master crest, and having all of Bermesiah's crests, the Silver Knight's crest will require 6 champion runs, instead of the usual 16. Crest can be completed in any order, though.
There are five "Boss Pets" (though one is an event) that link to Bermesiah, Ellia, Silver Land, and Xenia. At the end of the continent's dungeon, there is a manual that is given as a reward for clearance, though the given rate is extremely low. Furthermore, you need 100 Precious Pearls of the said continent which is found by monsters at a low rate or the boss at a 100% rate.
The pets include Squire Gaikoz of Bermesiah, Kaze'doggeh of Ellia, Krustaccio of Silver Land, Thanny Boy of Xenia, and Referee Elena in a two week (6-30-10 ~ 7-13-10) patch event.

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