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Jung Changhae is a duke who was arranged to wed the Queen of the Underworld, Hwarin.


There is nothing else known about Changhae other than that his family supposedly is the best in the Underworld.


Act 20.6: Man of Underworld King

Seeing the Underworld soldiers running away upset Changhae and more so after one of the swordsmen addressed him as "Master". He claimed that soon he should be betrothed to the Queen so they must call him King Jung from then on. When Hwarin overheard this conversation, Changhae reassured her by saying his family would be a perfect fit for Her Highness. Even so, Amy labeled him a stalker, therefore, the Grand Chase got rid of him. Changhae felt very offended that a woman dared to look down on his body and swore to get revenge.

Act 20.7: Tail After Tail

One of the subordinates reprimanded Tristan for disobeying the law when a person from the Wilderness such as him nonchalantly approached a master. Changhae stopped the First Lord to clarify that the origin does not matter when a person has a conversation with another person, emphasizing that he who studied in the Demon World should set an example as a leader.

Changhae voiced his desire to get revenge on those he ran into trouble with a while ago but he was not able to get soldiers. Tristan revealed that the people who humiliated him were members of the Haros Justice Army and he could have all the gate soldiers with him by declaring to wipe their base, enticing the master further by alluding to the Queen. Later on, Changhae became ecstatic seeing that everything went according to plan.

Act 20.9: Enlisting in the Army

As Changhae taunted the Grand Chase, he decided to send the Gate Knight to carry out their punishment. After they were able to hold off against Elscud, the master feared that the opposition might besiege them and so ordering his forces to run away.

Act 21.1: Get Up Haros!

On the way to Gateway Base, Changhae lambasted the soldiers for being weak. To his shock, the master was faced with the Haros Army who has already taken over the area. Changhae tried to flaunt his authority but Marcus just made his forces aim at them. As they retreated, the Gate Knight asked him how far would they go with Changhae deciding to return to the Underworld City.

Epilogue 6.1: Swaying Ambition

Marcus and Changhae started bickering after the commander shamed the First Lords for trying to take all the credit in helping the Queen sneak inside the Tower of Memories.

Epilogue 6.7: Crazy Envoy

Elesis demanded Changhae to confess about the whereabouts of her father. The master claimed to not know, however, he recalled the Gate Knight to had disappeared along with all the soul slaves when the Tower of Memories collapsed.


Changhae can be fought as a boss in Act 20.6: Man of Underworld King. He reappears with Elscud as bosses in Act 20.9: Enlisting in the Army.


  • His name Changhae was erroneously translated into its meaning in English "deep ocean" and used as the character's label in the dialogues.




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