Chilly Mine is the second dungeon of Kricktria. It introduces the main antagonist of Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Decanee, and a cameo appearance from the Grand Chase character, Ercnard Sieghart.

After the incident in the Abbey, Grandiel's group entered an abandoned mine as a shortcut to Beroiah can be found within the area. Colonies of bats have invaded the mine and the vampire Baron Dmitri abducted the Ramblin prince, Dolly.

After defeating the vampire bats, the group detoured to the Ramblin village only to welcome them with violence from the Ramblins. Even though her brother is alive, the head of the Ramblin clan Viola still proceeded with the incantation but failed. They learned that the incantation will summon the immortal Balzac and in return, Viola will have a stronger power to protect the Ramblins.

As the group pursued the sorcerer who tricked Viola, the group encountered Sieghart in one of the summoning altars. Seeing Kyle, he noticed a familiar unpleasant feeling from him, much to Kyle's dismay. Sieghart appeared for a brief moment until he faded away when the summoning was halted. Just when they caught up, Balzac was already summoned and beside him is a powerful demon called Decanee. Grandiel warned the group about Decanee but the lady immediately left, regrettably leaving the "final piece" that is Kyle.


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