For the Seal Breaker Gacha pet, see Claudia (pet).

Claudia Bartinella is a character that was only published in the Naver blog.[1]


Claudia is a young lady of the Bartinella family who rivals the Burning Canyon family in the Demon World. Unlike the Burning Canyon family, which values practicality, the Bartinella family is the most glamorous in the Demon World and boasts a lifestyle that values destruction and pleasure.

It is a family that suits the Hardliners no matter whom you look at, but it is said that when the hated family first settled with the Hardliners, they turned around without asking or picking.


Claudia neither appeared nor mentioned in the original game. However, information about herself was published in Naver blog.


  • Claudia is supposedly the early version of Ley due to their similarities in both appearance and story.




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