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Collection Screen

The Collections in Grand Chase North American server include:

The Emotes Collection

Main article: Emotes

Emotes are obtained by fighting (and winning) in PvP (player versus player), by completing dungeons, and by compounding (in which three emotes are selected, with a cost of 3000 GP, and receive a random emote). These are equipped like the items and used with the number keys 0-9.
There is currently a bug where champion mode can only reward the dizzy emote. 

The Crests Collection

Main article: Crests

There are different types of crests. Crests are a head accessory, but do not take up a space.

The Pets Collection

Main article: Pets

Pets are obtained mainly through the shop, although some pets are exclusive to Gacha and Seal Breaker Gacha, or are obtainable from exclusive challenges in timed events. All pets are shown, except for their evolutions (if any) until that evolution is unlocked.

The Monster Card Collection

Main article: Monster Card

Monster Cards are obtained from running dungeons on 3 star difficulty and are used to in equipment sockets. Monster Cards feature various monsters, and what each card does is different. There are cards for helms, upper armor and cloaks, weapons and gloves, and lower armor and shoes. Cards are either Common, Rare, Epic, or Relic.