The NPC of Coordishop, Rita.

The Coordishop (also known as the Avatar Shop or Visual Shop) is a feature that sells equipment utilizing the Fusion System, allowing players to change the appearance of their characters' armor while retaining their stats.

Previously, one-week versions of many exclusive armor sets were sold here. However, upon the arrival of Season V, all items were made permanent. Several sets such as the Giga Blitz Set, the Miracle, and Lovely summer sets are only available for a limited time and are removed from the Coordishop after their promotion ends. Permanent versions of all sets can only be purchased during certain events as well.

Post Season V update, all items purchased from the Coordishop come with various stats and grant set bonuses for equipping four or more Coordi pieces at once. These pieces do not have to match for the player to receive bonuses. Coordi items that were purchased or unlocked before Season V were not grandfathered into this new system and currently offer no stat bonuses.

Rita (or Misty) is the NPC responsible for the Coordishop.

Coordi Packages

Male Version
Female Version
Club Fashion
Coordi Club Fashion Boy
Coordi Club Fashion Girl
Private School
Coordi PrivatenSchool Boy
Coordi PrivatenSchool Girl
Blue Mariner
Coordi Blue Mariner Boy
Coordi Blue Mariner Girl
Tropical Paradise
Coordi Tropical Paradise Boy
Coordi Tropical Paradise Girl
Beach Sports
Coordi Beach Sports Boy
Coordi Beach Sports Girl
Serdin School
Coordi SerdinSchool Boy
Coordi SerdinSchool Girl
Wind Master
Coordi Wind Master Boy Coordi Wind Master Girl
Rain Master
Coordi Rain Master Boy
Coordi Rain Master Girl
Coordi Housekeeping Boy
Coordi Housekeeping Girl
Day Beach
Day Beach M
Day Beach F
Evening Beach
Evening Beach M
Evening Beach F
Wedding M
Wedding F
Vernia M
Vernia F
Wait for him
Wait for her
Blue Sailor
Blue Sailor M
Blue Sailor F
Noir Set M
Noir Set F
Miracle Summer
Miracle SummerM
Lovely Summer

Alternate Coordi Sets

These types of Coordi items will modify the characters' poses in the dungeon and PvP lobby. Note that all the components of the Coordi set must be equipped at once for the effect to occur. Lastly, due to coding, using the Fusion System to give these sets different appearances will keep the new stance. However, using these special stances, a new appearance will cause the character to do their regular stance. 

Tuxedo Mask & Magical Girl
Coordi Set
Modified Stance
Tuxedo Set
Tuxedo Effect
Magical Girl Set
Magic Girl Effect
Ethereal Knight
Ethereal Knight M
Etheral Knight M Effect
Ethereal Knight F
Etheral Knight F Effect

Awakening Coordi Sets

Each character of Grand Chase possesses a unique set that represents his or her "other side" or a version of themselves from a different timeline although exceptions occur. If the entire Coordi set is equipped, additional effects will occur in gameplay, the effect depending on the character. Note that not everyone's set has a visible effect in gameplay.

Those who are not featured on this list did not receive an Awakening Coordi set before the game closed.

Coordi Set Name
Coordi Set Image
Coordi Set Effect Description
Coordi Set Effect Image
Disciplinary Committee
Elesis Awaken
Every time a skill is used, Elesis will be engulfed by a flame circle.
Elesis Awaken Effect
Devilish Diva
Taunting or staying idle for a certain amount of time will cause Amy to do the animation of Center Stage.
Amy idle
Black Witch
Mari Awaken
Geas' skills were changed from their blue theme to a red theme. Also, Geas' skill portrait is changed.
Geas Alt 1
Burning Canyon
Dio's wings will assume a darker and bulkier composure. Also, Dusk Bringer's skill portrait is changed.
Blazing Zephyr
Zero 1
Zero's Grandark Domination will emit red and pink lights instead of green ones. Also, Zero's mask is changed to be red and only covers one eye. Using Trace in Offensive Stance will change the "X" to a green circle.
Zero 2
Dark Enchantress
Small bats will flame out of Ley at all times.
Bloody Hunter
The appearance of Nether Blade, Rupture and Soul Arbiter change to match the set.
Martial Master
No noticeable effect occurs.
Fox Fire
When Asin goes into a stance, a fox symbol will appear on him.
Bloody Knight
Lime's basic jump attack is changed to three dark spheres. Her eye color is also changed as a result of the helmet.
High Officer
No noticeable effect occurs.
Desert Bandit
Veigas' basic move Torment will result in Deus performing a fiery swirl instead.

Special Coordi Sets

These items are based on each original MP characters' alternative designs or portraits which were used to promote their Skill Tree releases. At some point, some of them are worn by characters in the story.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

  • Rare "Dark Executor" Coordi of Elesis.
  • Premium "Queen" Coordi of Lire.
  • Premium "Time Instructor" Coordi of Arme.
  • Premium "Assassin" Coordi of Lass.
  • Premium "Honor Guard" Coordi of Amy.

Its version of the Coordishop simply called Custom Shop was added later on. While the function, for the most part, is the same, the sets can only be purchased as a whole instead of pieces due to the nature of the game. They also come with their story lore which was not fully implemented in the PC version although eventually were removed altogether from the game in a later update. As of now, each Coordi sets are exclusively for one character and does not have the same version for another character.

There are three types of Coordi sets in the game namely Common grade sets, Premium grade sets and the Rare grade sets. The "Common" sets can change the character's icon and sprites while the "Premium" ones include different character portraits. The "Rare" Coordis which can only be purchased by using real money comes with brand new visual effects and animations.


Lin martial master

Initial concept art of Rin.

  • The Magical Girl and Tuxedo Mask sets are inspired by two massively popular Japanese series Sailor Moon and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • According to a Brazilian article, Dark Enchantress is Ley in an alternate reality where she is healthy and does not possess Edna's soul. Naturally, she followed the magic career of her family and became a witch spending more time reading books on magic and having to wear glasses as a result.
    • Dark Enchantress is also blonde implying that it was originally the color of Ley's hair.
  • Mari and Dio are the only characters to receive a change to their skill cut-ins upon wearing their Awakening sets.
  • Martial Master is based on the early concept art of Rin.



Special Coordi


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