Frostand - Countess Arachne


Countess Arachne has several attac ks: she will occasionally use a technique that summons red lasers that home in on the player's location; following the laser's trajectory, blobs of silk will fall from above, damaging and slowing the players who are hit as well as stunning them for a short period of time. She may also use a technique similar to Chosen's Inner Passion in which she will create an orb of dark energy that homes in on targets, dealing damage over time to players who are hit. She also has the ability to instantly weave a poisonous web that damages and stuns players who are hit. The web explodes after a while releasing poisonous fumes that deals damage at the initial hit and a rapid damage over time to the victims.

When her life points drops to a certain amount, she will transform into a monstrous spider. In this form, she obtains the attacks of the Gigantic Arachnias: With the use of her jaws, she can bite the victim with great force, damaging the victim at the initial hit followed by a DoT debuff. She can charge and bash onto players with great force, damaging and knocking up players caught in her way. She also uses her silk for offensive purposes. She has the ability to either spew out forceful jets of silk in front of her, damaging and stunning players who are hit, or release 3 blobs of silk that drops onto different directions, damaging and stunning the players who are caught, or weave a forceful strand of silk which she uses to cling herself onto the ceiling, a red laser will then appear and home in onto the player's location; following the laser's trajectory, she will fall from above with great force damaging and knocking players who are hit, or weave a large web that stuns and damages victims at the initial hit, followed by a poisonous mist that deals DoT. When her life once again drops to a certain amount, she will go back to her original form and gains invincibility during the change.

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