Crimson River Emblem

Emblem of the Crimson River.

The Crimson River is one of the powerful Moderate families who fought against Kounat's destruction. It is led by Peter von Crimson River.

Known Members

Ley von Crimson River

Main article: Ley

Ley is a haughty and cold aloof daughter of the family who desires pure destruction and fighting despite being a Moderate. She is stubborn, as her servants run around ragged trying everything to please her. She was sent to Aernas to locate Dio, her childhood friend, and leader of the Burning Canyon tribe.

Peter von Crimson River

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Peter is the head of the family and Ley's father. Not much is known about him, although he did send his daughter to Aernas to find Dio and secure their allegiance with the Burning Canyon family after learning their suspicious activities.


Main article: Jeeves

Jeeves is a fiercely loyal servant to the Crimson River family, more specifically Ley. He does everything in his power to help the aloof daughter, even going so forth to actually fight for her.


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