The first fragment

The Crown of Sands, also known as the Crown of Horus and Horus' Coronal, is an artifact exclusive to Alcubra. According to Barakhufu, it is said that this object would make one immortal, the old young, powerful, and even grant necromancy. However, the Crown of Sands was split into several fragments scattered all over Alcubra. The Crown of Sands intrigues the Chase, causing their travels to breach upon the continent of Alcubra.

The Crown is divided into three fragments; the first is located in the Sands of Illusion, in the possession of the Sand Ruler. The second was stolen from the Kungji by Khufu and his bandits of the Deserted Town, which was subsequently stolen by Barakhufu, and the third is located within Seth's Pyramid. When the Chase acquire the fragment from the Sand Ruler, they note the immense amounts of power emanating from the fragment.

After the Chase obtain the fragment from Seth's Pyramid, Barakhufu ambushes them, steals their fragments and recombines all three back into the original crown, and uses it to transform into Immortal Barakhufu, attaining god-like power. In the ensuing battle, Barakhufu is defeated despite his claims of immortality and the Crown of Sands is destroyed along with him.


  • Coronal is derived from the word Corona, which means 'crown' in Latin.
  • Horus is an ancient Egyptian god.
  • Until the release of Deserted Town, it was originally thought that the Kungji Village owned the fragment of the Crown of Sands which was in the possession of the Sand Ruler.
  • The Crown of Sands is very similar to the Aernas Hammer.
    • Both are ancient powerful artifacts.
    • Both are divided into fragments. The Aernas Hammer requires the Soul Stone which is formed out of all the Deity Orbs; the Crown of Sands is split into three pieces.
    • Both grant their wielders god-like power.
    • In a final battle, both the item and their wielders vanish. Ashtaroth and the Aernas Hammer are sealed by Kassias Grandiel; Barakhufu and the Crown of Sands are destroyed.
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