In Dungeons:
(A * B / C) + D = damage output
A = attacker's attack stat
B = product of damage modifiers*
C = defender's defense stat
D = hell spear stat
-Buffs/debuffs e.g. Athena's Sword gives x1.5, 25% Def Fruit gives x0.75
-A ratio depending on the type of move used
-Some characters take less damage than others
-Others like critical (2x), back/aerial damage (x1.5 each)

  • Critical and Back or Aerial damage stack for 2 * 1.5 = x3
  • Back and Aerial damage stack for 1.5 * 1.5 = x2.25 damage.
  • Critical/Back/Aerial damage could also be computed after dividing by the defense. Same thing goes for damage output multipliers.
  • Hell Spear is the final damage added to have the total damage output.


In pvp: similar to dungeon, but with some exceptions:
-A is only roughly equal to attack
-C is roughly the square root of defense
-D is only 5% of hell spear stat
-Different move ratios
-Character level slightly affects damage
-Some other modifiers that don't appear to work in pvp like they do in dungeon

P.S. These formulas are not applicable to some shielded targets and targets that reduce all damage to 1 (e.g. Relics of Kounat gate, SoD golems)

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