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Stained glass depicting Ernasis, Lisnar, and Amenias.

Deities or gods are superior beings that exist in the Grand Chase universe. Much of the deities in the story are the same or similar to those found in other works of fiction like having divine powers and being worshipped by mortal beings across different dimensions.

The deities can sire offspring with humans and their children, the Celestials, were born with distinguishable abilities unlike those with human parents. Albeit forbidden, they are also capable of going through reincarnation for the price of exhausting their Holy Power.


In a time long passed, there was a Creator, the supreme being who gave life to gods that would be responsible for the creation of various worlds. In the primitive world of Aernas, four deities were known to have descended.



Ernasis is the goddess of war and courage whom the world of Aernas is named after. She is the representative deity who had first arrived and gifted the primitive humans with bravery. With this gift in hand, the humans bravely expanded their territory.

The character Elesis Sieghart bears a striking resemblance to Ernasis. Whether or not if this is a coincidence is unknown.



Lisnar is the goddess of mercy and spirits. She is the deity who had gifted the primitive humans with holiness. With this gift in hand, humans learned to use magic.

The character Lire Eryuell bears a striking resemblance to Lisnar. Whether or not if this is a coincidence is unknown.



Amenias (also known as Armenian) is the goddess of wisdom and harmony. She is the deity who had gifted primitive humans with wisdom. With this gift in hand, humans used wisdom to develop machinery.

The character Arme Glenstid bears a striking resemblance to Amenias. Whether or not if this is a coincidence is unknown.


Emblem of Goddess Agnesia.

Agnesia is the goddess of life and purity. She is the deity who has sacrificed her immortality and godhood to seal away the Malevolent Horde.

On a trip to the East, Agnesia came face to face with a terrible magical creature made of pure evil. Out of sight of other goddesses, the creature grew and his evil threatened to destroy everything good in the world. She used all her powers to seal the creature within her own body and save the world but the consequence of using that forbidden magic drained almost all of her divine powers, leading her to the brink of death. Should Agnesia die, the evil in her body would be released and Aernas would once again be threatened by its malevolence.

On her last legs and spending the last spark of her divine power, Agnesia cast a spell of eternal resurrection. Through the ages, the deity would be doomed to continue being reborn to keep the seal intact. The great evil could always return when darkness would cover Aernas, but the seal would again imprison, then reactivated in a new girl who would serve as the reincarnation of the goddess. Should the girl perish while Aernas was covered in darkness, the darkness would be freed and thus bring about the end of the world.

The character Rin is the current incarnation of Agnesia.


The gods descended on the continent of Archimedia and selected those with bravery and creativity to help them continue the creation of the world. They created a civilization at the center of Archimedia known as Kounat and relegated the remaining creation of Aernas to the new king before they left for another world.

The three goddesses who led the creation of Aernas heard the invasion of demons and went back to stop Heitaros Cratsus. The deities have lost most of their powers during the battle and swiftly made a last-ditch effort to seal the Dimensional Chasm. The era that was rich with the blessings of the gods had passed and the period of great chaos had begun with the constant fear of invading monsters.

The Demon King Veigas Terre was chosen by the Creator to be His herald in destroying worlds and bestowed him the Deus Ex Machina. One day, Veigas supposedly received an order from the Creator to destroy Aernas. However, he realized that the order was false and an impostor manipulated him.

During the events of Land of Judgment where the gods decided to destroy Aernas due to constant problems such as warfare, Lisnar sent Harkion to Aernas to test their inhabitants, giving them a final chance to determine Aernas' fate and prevent its destruction.

Other deities

Divinized beings

These are the characters who were not born as deities but have been turned into one due to various circumstances.

Deities of Xenia

During the Great Explosion of Kounat, the Soul Stone had shattered and six pieces of the stone had landed in Xenia. The native guardians that had existed in Xenia each took a piece of the stone and believing it to be the essence of the gods. With the fragments of the Soul Stone, they governed Xenia as the six gods.

Xenia is divided into smaller regions in which a certain god can give influence over, most having protectors. Each of them (except Gaia) bear a large, yellow emblem on their back, representing their attribute.

Avatars of God

The one who created Kricktria made avatars of himself to help stabilize the dimension. Although these avatars were not gods, they had influence over small regions in the world and accumulated enough following.

Lesser deities

Some deities are seemingly less powerful, lacking the divinity and immortality that the other gods possess though there is little to no information about them to prove otherwise and others have only been mentioned in the text.


  • Lime said that she decided to join the Grand Chase because she noticed how Elesis, Lire, and Arme greatly resembled her long-praised goddesses being Ernasis, Lisnar, and Amenias.
  • In Lake Aurora, Arme mentioned a "Supreme Goddess of Bermesiah" but the existence of said deity seems rather dubious.
  • Due to the immense power the Crown of Sands had, it is possible that its owner Horus was also a deity. This is further suggested in Seth's Pyramid when Barakhufu described his power as that "of god".
  • The weapons Soluna and Grandark are stated to be able to injure and kill gods.
  • None of the Xenia deities appear in Boss Gate, even though only them, Lenasien, Octus, and Mynos are bosses in the continent.
    • It is most likely because they are incredibly large that each would not fit the screen display and that they take up too much map space so they were replaced by Ashtaroth.


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