Demons are a species found in Grand Chase and its sequel Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser. There are three demon races introduced in the series thus far: the Ancient Demons and Asmodians of Elyos, and the Haros of the Underworld. A demon eyes glow red whenever they are enraged. Demons are non-mortal beings; they are not bound by fate and are thus unable to reincarnate.


The demons inhabiting Elyos are known as the Asmodians and a large majority of them introduced in the series hail from this race. They are demons created by the Supreme Creator who are responsible for the destruction of decrepit worlds and receive direct orders from the Creator to do so.

When they felt the necessity, the demons traverse through the Dimensional Portals to cause destruction.

Over time, the Asmodians have become split into numerous tribes and two major factions: the Moderates and the Extremists.

Ancient Demon

A nearly extinct race of demons with great technological advancement. As with the Asmodians, they had the responsibility of destroying worlds that have reached their life expectancy, but they steered away from the Creator's orders and indulged too much in their technology. As a result, the Creator ordered the annihilation of the Ancient Demon race, resulting in the Ancient War.

One of the many cities that used to belong to the Ancient Demons is the now abandoned Sky City.


The Haros are a tribe of demons native to the Underworld and are the guardians of that world. They have the authority and responsibility to watch over the souls trapped in Underworld, the retrieval of escaped souls, and management of the cycle of reincarnation.

Amongst them are the Bounty Hunters, warriors who are held responsible for chasing down evil souls that might escape from the Underworld's prison as well as any creatures native to the Underworld that have fled into Aernas. This also includes resurrected souls, as resurrecting the dead is against the rules of the Underworld. These Bounty Hunters have special abilities that allow them to either send the refugee back to the Underworld, or exorcise them completely. However, they usually do not pursue creatures that do not belong in the Underworld.

Young Haros half-bloods have hideous appearances such as scale-shaped growths on their faces as a side-effect of their half-blood status, though the effect seems to disappear after their powers awaken.

Like the Asmodians, the Haros are divided into two classes: the upper class who live in the city and the palace, and the lower class who are banished into the wilderness of the Underworld. Bounty Hunters belong to the lower class of Haros.



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