Eclipse Human

Eclipse's Humanoid Form

Eclipse is an upper armor accessory, and a weapon used by the demon Duel. It can be obtained by defeating Duel of Thunder Hammer (with greater chances in Champion Mode). It has a counterpart, Transcendence. Players may use Eclipse to forge Eclipse and Transcendence.

Because Eclipse is always an Epic type item, it is extremely hard to obtain.

According to Zero's description, it is said that Duel personally crafted Eclipse and wielded it in the Demonic Wars. Oz Pone Max Reinhardt created the Grandark to counteract the Eclipse. Though it is never actually seen being used, the fact that only Grandark can rival it suggests that Eclipse is a very powerful weapon.

According to the Naver Blog, Eclipse, like Grandark, has a humanoid form. The purpose of this form has yet to be revealed.


"Forge relic items with the help of the immortal sword, Eclipse!"


  • Level: 70
  • Attack: 201
  • Defense: 201
  • Vitality: 0