Edna Vervidad[1] was an ally and love interest of Duel Pone Zec.


During the Ancient Demon Wars, Edna sacrificed her own life to save Duel from his demise. Later on, her soul would be implanted into Ley through a ritual conducted by the great Asmodian wizard, Oz Pone Max Reinhardt.


Edna neither appeared nor mentioned in the original game. However, information about herself and the Ancient Demon Wars was published in Naver blog.

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Act 11.8: Ancient Demon's AttackEdit

Raid 4.1: The Labyrinth of the PurgatoryEdit

Act 17.1: Traces of War in ForestEdit

Act 17.6: Ambitious Ramblin Reappears!Edit

Act 19.6: Queen of AbyssEdit


  • It is said that Duel is looking for a way to revive Edna.
  • Like Duel, Edna has a pet counterpart called Little Edna.


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