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Elena was an Elder of the Violet Mage Guild and the first boss fought in the two-part boss battle at the Kamiki's Castle, the second being Kamiki.


Kamiki's Castle

Elena's appearance in Ellia shocked Arme. Elesis immediately attempted to finish Elena but Arme begged for mercy only to be convinced that she was manipulated by Kaze'aze and must be put down.

After Elena's defeat, Kaze'aze Lass returned to the area and revived the dead mage only to transform her into a powerful demon Kamiki to defeat the Grand Chase.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 27.?: ???

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Elena can use Lightning Bolt like the Magician and may also summon a large meteor similar to the Battle Mage's Deep Impact or the Black Fairy Queen's Ice Meteor and also a spray of fire in front of her. She can also summon more Dark Anmon Scouts replacing those that died.

Once Elena has been defeated, a message "Looks like we'll have to battle them to cross here" will appear referring to the second phase of the battle. She then becomes the demon Kamiki who uses more powerful magic.

As an NPC

Accessory Upgrader

Elena as an NPC.

Elena is also known as the upgrader for Necklaces and Anklets, using the power of Gems or Choco'brick Bars. However, she is very infamous for her extremely low success rate, and in the sense of good humor, people will go to Kamiki's Castle to kill Elena whenever she fails, downgrades or breaks Necklaces and Anklets for a long time.

Humorously, her Monster Card says "I didn't mean to break your necklace..."

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Elena returns in the mobile sequel as a mascot in the Summon shop. In a later update, she had appeared as an enchanter of equipment. Most of the time, she would be sympathetic towards the player but when the "Best" upgrade is achieved, Elena would either cry or get mad.

Humorously, Kyle during the tutorial wondered if Elena is someone that likes to break Necklaces.


  • It was never specified why Elena became a traitor, though she possibly suffered from greed for power.
  • Elena is one of the six bosses who can transform, the others being Victor, Kaze'aze, Thanatos, Barakhufu, and Ashtaroth.
  • Elena along with Isolet, Elesis, and the Magic Kungji have pet counterparts, her being Referee Elena.
    • Oddly enough, the pet shoots a soundwave which is not one of Elena's attacks.
  • Elena's character design was revamped in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser. She became much taller and her appearance bears a striking resemblance to her younger sister.
  • Elena is assumed to be elderly. However, the term Elder can also refer to a person with higher standing or rank in a group.





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