Captain of the Ruby Knights
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Grand Chase Leader
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Ascendant Vanguard


"The Captain of the Ruby Knights & Grand Chase's Leader."

Main Info

  • Name: Elesis Sieghart
  • Age: 17 (Twelve Disciples), 19 (Dimensional Chaser)
  • Hobbies: Sword training
  • Likes: Intense battles, baths[1]
  • Dislikes: Easy battles
  • Weakness: Dresses[1], ghosts[1]

Elesis was born as the eldest daughter of the Sieghart family. She was trained as hard as possible since she was old enough to handle a sword and has been the Captain of the Ruby Knights for several years. As a child, Elesis couldn't understand her father's strict upbringing. However, as she grew older, she began to understand the importance of her father's methods and dedicated all of her time to improving her strength. Her father, Elscud, joined a team as a member of the unit dedicated to tracking Kaze'aze.

Elesis was distraught in learning that, during a battle between her father's tracking unit and Kaze'aze, her father had disappeared. Later Queen Serdin sent a secret letter to Elesis asking her to join the Grand Chase, a union of Kanavan and Serdin, dedicated to pursuing Kaze'aze. Upon receipt of this request, Elesis left home to head to Trial Forest in the kingdom of Serdin, the promised place. Here, she met two girls, Lire and Arme, who would forever change her fate.


  • Cost: ??? USD

"If I wandered around the chasm of time once more..."

Destiny has changed. Heroes from the future, the Grand Chase was destined to be engulfed by the Great Explosion of Kounat. However, because of someone's sacrifice, even though the explosion was unavoidable the Grand Chase was able to go back to their time unscathed.

The members of Grand Chase slowly disappeared one at a time past the Time and Space. Everyone was going back to their rightful place. One by one they disappeared except one. That one person was Elesis.

No, Elesis returned with her allies to her own time but at the same time, another Elesis stayed.

The reason was unknown as to why another Elesis was created and stayed. It could be from a miscalculation of Time and Space or possibly Elesis' will to stay was so strong that it created a copy of her.


Elesis was searching for Elscud but as Elscud was already dead, he was not able to welcome her. Elesis kneeled beside Elscud and gently shook his shoulder, like the time Elscud once did to wake Elesis.

Elesis still remember that night as if it was yesterday. Elscud gently woke Elesis from her sleep and handed her the title of Captain of the Ruby Knights and Sword of Ruby Knight before he disappeared. Only thing Elesis could do was sit idly as her father left.

That is when Elesis' adventure began. Kaze'aze, Ashtaroth, and Heitaros. Many powerful enemies stood before Elesis and the Grand Chase but her adventure began when she started to chase after her father's shadows. Perhaps Elscud was Elesis' starting point and destination.

Elesis tried to wake her father as he did long ago but Elscud would not wake as he was in eternal slumber. She wanted to wake her father up and return the Sword of the Ruby Knight but he stayed silent.

Elesis held Elscud and quietly sobbed as the Great Explosion of Kounat went off and she was engulfed in it with Elscud.

Elscud's corpse became shattered before Elesis' did and while her body was crumbling she yelled in anger.

"Decanee! No Kaze'aze!! I will not forgive you!"

Her hateful cry touched upon darkness itself.

As the great explosion occurred the border of Time and Space also shattered. Through the shattered border, the darkness of countless worlds seeped through and started to engulf Elesis. The shattered body of Elesis was slowly being filled by darkness. Was it Elesis that was consuming the darkness or was the darkness consuming her? There was no way of telling which was which.

When she opened her eyes again, she could no longer differentiate if she was the same person before the explosion.

She wasn't sure if this black material was her skin or armor but it was directly infused with her body and each time her heartbeat, a red light pulsed through her veins. She also had wings that sprouted out from her back. She wasn't sure if she was still human and her appearance was darkness itself.

To Elesis it wasn't important if she was still human or not, she was satisfied that she gained the power to kill Decanee.

The Sword of the Ruby Knight also took a change in its shape. It was no longer a giant sword that punished evil, it was transformed into a thorn of vengeance.

The Ruby Knight was no more. Only a Dark Executor who will stop at nothing to get her vengeance.

Elesis drew her thorn and muttered.

"Watch me, Father..."

Nothing will stand in her way even if it is herself. The Dark Executor Elesis will stop at nothing.

  • Cost: ??? USD

"Good morning!"

Lime greeted everyone she saw on the streets. People who were used to her kind behavior replied with the same greeting. Lime realized that she's missing something after thinking that today is the start of another beautiful day.

"Come to think of it... Did I run into Elesis?"

Lime always ran into Elesis who was jogging in the morning, but Elesis was not here today. She wouldn't have slept in... Did something happen to her? Lime who became very curious walked toward Elesis' house.

"Elesis! Are you home?"

"Lime? What are you doing here?"

"I didn't see you this morning."

"Huh? It's already morning?"

Elesis sighed after looking at the clock. She spent the night worrying. Lime saw Elesis' sunken eyes and realized that she was worried about something the whole night.

"Are you worried about something?"


Instead of saying anything, Elesis went back to her house and grabbed a bundle of cloth. It was a red silk cloth.

"Wow. So beautiful!"

"Her Majesty gave me new clothes. For me to wear to the New Year event."

"What's wrong with that?"

"I was thinking about wearing my armor. I don't know what to wear."

"You have to wear formal clothes if it's an event held in the kingdom. Why don't you make Lunar New Year clothes?"

"Lunar New Year clothes?"

"Yes! I saw someone wear it to a school event and it was beautiful."

Lime introduced a shop to Elesis. The owner suggested a design that would look good on Elesis. The owner was able to persuade Elesis to buy it when Elesis insisted on wearing something more casual. Elesis looked back a few times on her way back home from the shop.

"Will it look good on me?"

"Of course! Please wear it to the event I'm having at the temple!"

"Um, I'll try."

Elesis was able to sleep peacefully because her worry disappeared. However, after her clothes were delivered, Elesis was harassed by Lime. Lime who found out that her clothes were delivered wanted to style her clothes. She felt like Lime was treating her like a doll, but Elesis who couldn't wear the clothes herself relied on Lime.

"Wow! So pretty, Elesis!"

"Really? Feels a little empty here."

"Do you need more accessories?"

"Um, that's not it... oh!"

Elesis went to her room and brought out a sword. It was not a real sword but a sword made for ceremonies. To Elesis who was always wearing armor and sword, it was a useless sword. After wearing it around her waist, Elesis finally looked like she found stability.

"I knew it! I feel more stable with this around my waist."

"Uhhh, a sword with this... but they strangely go well together."

Elesis always needed her sword. Lime had no choice but to agree after looking at Elesis.


Sword of a Ruby Knight

A secret letter from the Queen made Elscud participate in the war.

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 1 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.0

Elesisk Elesis: It all started... when I held this sword.

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Adventure' dungeon 20 times with Elesis and recommended BP 80,000 or higher
  • Challenge 'Dimensional Boss' 20 times


Likability Elesis 01

Elesisk Elesis: That night, Father woke me up to give me this sword and the title of Captain. I took the sword and just looked at my father who was leaving. I wasn't the only one feeling his emptiness. Just like how I wasn't ready to become a Captain, the knights weren't ready to follow a new captain. They complained about little things.

『Too young.』

『What was the Captain, no the old Captain thinking...』

『Although she's a Sieghart, this isn't right.』

『Are you even aware that you are the Captain of the Ruby Knights??』

Maybe they are right. I couldn't focus on taking care of the knights because I was too busy thinking about my father who left. Get a hold of yourself, Elesis. You are now the Captain of the Ruby Knights.

Leader of Grand Chase


Can say it now. What did Arme think of Elesis' leadership back when Grand Chase was first created?

Elesisk Elesis: I don't think I'm an excellent leader.

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 2 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.1

Elesisk Elesis: We argued at first.

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat 'Assault' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 30 times with Elesis and recommended BP 130,000 or higher
  • Complete a 'Request' 30 times

Armek Arme: Me? I was re~ally looking forward to it. An adventure with elite soldiers that Queen Serdin picked herself! But Elesis... destroyed my expectations from the first day.
Elesisk Elesis: Didn't destroy...
Armek Arme: Do you know what Elesis said to me on my first day of adventure? She told me 『You're only a Magician, stay back~』.
Elesisk Elesis: D-Did I say that?
Armek Arme: She treated Lire and I like babies and ordered us around... I was hurt!
Lirek Lire: Arme, you were stubborn too. Since both of you guys didn't want to lose, you guys spent the whole day just arguing.
Kylek Kyle: Isn't it obvious for the soldier who fights in front of the party to become a Leader?
Cindyk Cindy: What kind of rule is that? I will not let you become a Leader.
Kylek Kyle: Hah, doesn't matter. I'll just stay as a lonely Sword Saint...
Armek Arme: I won't cast a protection spell on Kyle anymore.
Kylek Kyle: Tell me the story of how you defeated the villains. It's more interesting to hear from you than Grandiel.
Armek Arme: Okay! Where shall I start?

Kylek Kyle: Wow! That's amazing... When can I become the main character of an adventure story?
Cindyk Cindy: I'll tell you one more time, but you are not fit to become a Leader.
Kylek Kyle: Elesis wasn't a perfect Leader in the beginning either!
Armek Arme: That's just a first impression! Shall we talk about Elesis's leadership now?
Kylek Kyle: You were just complaining about it.
Armek Arme: Hey~ People might misunderstand. I like Elesis! Right? Elesis?
Elesisk Elesis: Um... I know what you mean so can we stop talking about me?
Armek Arme: Don't be embarrassed!

Ruby Knights


Sieghart skipped group training again. As the Leader of the Ruby Knights, I can't let him do this anymore.

Elesisk Elesis: The Ruby Knights exist for the citizens.

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 3 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.2

Elesisk Elesis: Have some responsibility!

Mission Requirements

  • Achieve 30,000,000 accumulated damage to 'Dimensional Boss' with Elesis
  • Acquire 'Dimensional Boss' Summon reward 15 times

Elesisk Elesis: Sieghart, you missed your training again?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Oh, it's Elesis. A genius like me doesn't need training!
Elesisk Elesis: You might not need it... But everyone else needs it.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Is that how a Captain thinks?
Elesisk Elesis: I hope you think and act like a Knight.
Sieghartk Sieghart: That's taking away my merit! Is there a need to make a flexible person like me into a stiff Knight?
Elesisk Elesis: Are you insulting knights?
Sieghartk Sieghart: No, it means don't make me participate in group activities. I can do all Knight duties myself. Destroy monsters to protect people's safety! Is there anyone else who has fought more monsters than I have?
Elesisk Elesis: You just enjoy fighting monsters. You can't stop disasters or wars. Knights exist in case of an emergency.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Of course, I wasn't trying to deny the significance of the Ruby Knights. But what can I do? I'm a genius in swordsmanship, but I don't have talent in leading people. People need to do well in what they are best at. For example, like your dad Elscud, who was excellent at leading knights.
Elesisk Elesis: I know how much my father thinks of the knights... I tried my best too.
Sieghartk Sieghart: See. Ruby Knights are fine without me. Although you might want a talented Gladiator like me~ I hope you don't have any lingering attachments, Elesis.
Elesisk Elesis: Really...
Lirek Lire: Sieghart! Why are you holding onto Elesis?
Armek Arme: Yes! Go be lazy by yourself!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Me? Elesis bothered me!
Lirek Lire: I bet you were making fun of Elesis again!
Armek Arme: You mean old man!
Elesisk Elesis: Ha... shall we go back?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Hey... are you not gonna say something? Hm... Something feels unfair...

I Do Not Need Talent in Swordsmanship


General Kanavan's Execution D-1. Allies who want to rescue her train and come together.

Elesisk Elesis: I'll train more if I have time to chat.

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 4 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.3

Elesisk Elesis: Anyone can become stronger with constant training.

Mission Requirements

Elesisk Elesis: Kyle, did you see when it crossed? You have to bend your knees when you collide.
Kylek Kyle: L-Like this?
Lassk Lass: You have to not let the body take the impact.
Ronank Ronan: The point is to lower your weight.
Elesisk Elesis: Your sword will be limited if the location is fixed. So you have to be able to read the movement of your feet well. If your movement gets blocked from the opposite foot, it'll be very difficult for you.
Ronank Ronan: We will demonstrate.
Kylek Kyle: Oh, I think I can see it after hearing about it.
Lassk Lass: You see what you know.
Elesisk Elesis: Make it a habit because this is the basics.
Kylek Kyle: Okay, thanks, everyone!
Ronank Ronan: The strength of a warrior comes from effort, not talent. There will be results if you put in your effort.
Lassk Lass: Yes. It's always good to emphasize the basics.
Kylek Kyle: Okay then... If there's anything more I need to know, let me know!
Elesisk Elesis: Of course. First, when you hold your sword, your left hand should...
Ronank Ronan: I had something in mind too. Can I see your heels?
Lassk Lass: Do you know that you're shaking your shoulders? Your balance isn't good.
Ronank Ronan: As I expected... your weight wasn't distributed evenly. Here, it's like you're sweeping the floor...
Elesisk Elesis: Wrist! Are you training your wrist as well?
Kylek Kyle: W-wait, if you all say stuff at once...
Cindyk Cindy: Oh my, that's all the basics?
Armek Arme: For them... yes.
Marik Mari: I wonder how many books can be published if they make it into a manual.
Armek Arme: They all say that swordsmanship doesn't need talent. Do you know why?
Cindyk Cindy: Why?
Armek Arme: Because all three of them are gifted... They never felt the need for talent!
Cindyk Cindy: What! Can Kyle... keep up?
Armek Arme: Don't know...

Critical X


Find the master of Critical X! Knights of Critical X gather!

Elesisk Elesis: What did Sieghart do again...

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 5 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.4

Elesisk Elesis: I just asked him to give Kyle advice...

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Adventure' dungeon 50 times with Elesis and recommended BP 230,000 or higher
  • Complete a 'Request' 60 times
  • Clear 'Great Explosion of Kounat' (Challenge) 'Alpawtraz Prison' dungeon

Armek Arme: Throw Sword Energy forward... and jump to cross the Sword Energy while slashing!
Sieghartk Sieghart: This is the sword skill that we Siegharts are proud of! Critical X! Today, I will select the best Critical X from the mainstream and imitators!
Armek Arme: The world's top Critical X competition!
Kylek Kyle: Good! I will win!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Hehe, I didn't use Critical X for a long time.
Armek Arme: Elscud recreated the skill that was lost.
Sieghartk Sieghart: So Elscud will be the judge!
Elscud: Mm...
Elesisk Elesis: Why is father here?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Don't worry about the small stuff because it's a supplementary story!
Elesisk Elesis: Sieghart. I just asked you to give Kyle advice. What is all this?
Sieghartk Sieghart: Better to see something than to just hear about it, so it's better to act it out! This will help you improve a lot faster than just hearing my words.
Kylek Kyle: That's true! This Sword Saint is going to learn everything, so everyone should be nervous!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Oh! You are ready to learn.
Armek Arme: Now, shall we start? The first person is the wandering swordsman from Demon World, Zero!
Zerok Zero: Thank you. Gran, you ready? Gran X!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Oh, this is more serious than I thought. Jump timing after throwing Sword Energy and the timing for when to cross the Sword Energy. Everything is on point.
Zerok Zero: I analyzed Elscud's posture.
Armek Arme: So you've never learned Critical X before?
Zerok Zero: Yes... I fought against Elscud once.
Sieghartk Sieghart: You just copied it after seeing it once? Wow!
Zerok Zero: Oh, um... I analyzed it a few times with Gran. Gran helps me with the timing too.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Grandark and Swordsman's duet! It's amazing how they combine their skills and replay a skill!
Armek Arme: Wow... excuse us for calling you an imitator.
Zerok Zero: Thank you.
Sieghartk Sieghart: So his score is?
Elscud: ......8 points.
Sieghartk Sieghart: Oh, a good score!
Armek Arme: With this spirit, next is swordsman, Kyle!
Kylek Kyle: Alright! My turn! You will soon call me Sword Saint and not a swordsman. Critical X!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Huh? This is Critical X? Something... looks very different.
Armek Arme: Is Kyle too nervous?
Elesisk Elesis: We have no choice. Kyle never learned Critical X properly, and he has never seen it. He just imagined it from what Grandiel told him. Right?
Kylek Kyle: Yes, Elesis is right. 『Elesis always jumped like an arrow and attacked enemies with the Sword Energy.』 『That skill is Sieghart family's skill, Critical X.』 Grandiel used to say it like that.
Sieghartk Sieghart: That elf is talented in literature. He could've just shown you using illusions.
Kylek Kyle: Oh... never thought of it!
Sieghartk Sieghart: hahaha, you're funny. So you learned sword movements from words? Elscud. Can you rate this too?
Elscud: ......7 points for skill, 9 points for the idea!
Armek Arme: Yes! I thought your idea was great.
Sieghartk Sieghart: You interpreted it in your way, right? I look forward to your improved Critical X!
Kylek Kyle: I will get a better score next time!
Armek Arme: Now, Elesis? It's your turn.
Elesisk Elesis: Whew, okay. Hiya, Critical X!
Elscud: Movement of the feet, sword trace, and weight distribution... Everything is perfect. This is the true Critical X! 10 points! Perfect score! You win!
Elesisk Elesis: This is too biased!
Sieghartk Sieghart: Your power increased!
Zerok Zero: I can feel myself getting stronger just by looking at it.
Kylek Kyle: This is the true power of Critical X!



Missing Elscud was traveling all sorts of worlds through a dimensional gap.

Elesisk Elesis: I couldn't find any traces of father...

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 6 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.5

Elesisk Elesis: Zero, you met Father?

Mission Requirements

Zerok Zero: I'm sorry for attacking you.
Elscud: No, don't worry about it. Since I'm not welcomed in Demon World.
Zerok Zero: How did you end up in Demon World?
Elscud: I don't know, maybe I'm unlucky or it's destiny......... Do you want to listen to my story since there's enough time?

Zerok Zero: Ah, why did the dimensional gap happen then...
Elscud: At first, I tried so hard to go back to Aernas. But, after wandering around different dimensions that surround Aernas... I saw things I couldn't see at Aernas. So... I couldn't go back.
Zerok Zero: Um... Is that why you came to the Demon World?
Elscud: Maybe or maybe not... Everything is connected to something... I will eventually reach the end of this road.

Zerok Zero: Elscud looked like a monk who was practicing asceticism. Although you might be disappointed at him for not contacting you... Elscud was doing his job.
Elesisk Elesis: Yes... that's my dad. I would've already met him if he stayed in one place.
Zerok Zero: You guys are alike. Elscud was chasing after something too. Just like how Elesis is chasing after something big right now. Come to think of it, the start of Grand Chase is...
Elesisk Elesis: That's right. Taking over father's duties was the start of Grand Chase.
Zerok Zero: ......Since Elscud was a previous member of Grand Chase, he is one of the Grand Chase seniors.
Elesisk Elesis: Thank you for thinking that way. Yes. This journey is a way for me to accomplish his wish. Although... I can't see him again...



Demons want to overthrow Elesis. Elesis' weakness was exposed to them!

Elesisk Elesis: Do you think I'm still scared?

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 1 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.6

Elesisk Elesis: Don't talk about ghosts!

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat 'Mage' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 80 times with Elesis and recommended BP 360,000 or higher
  • Clear 'Dimensional Chasm' Dark Flaune's Chasm 2 times
  • Clear 17-9 (Hatred) 10 times with Elesis

New Hardliner Soldier 1: Can we just run away like this when we got our base taken?
New Hardliner Soldier 2: What can we do when the commander ran away?
New Hardliner Soldier 1: No. Isn't it a perfect time for us to contribute?
New Hardliner Soldier 2: How? Do you have a plan?
New Hardliner Soldier 1: Well...
New Hardliner Soldier 2: Really? Afraid of ghosts? The enemy's Leader has an unexpected weakness.
New Hardliner Soldier 1: My friend was deployed in Burning Canyon's grave. I heard from him. I'm sure.
New Hardliner Soldier 2: Whew, scared me.
Radical: I didn't know the enemy's Leader had a weakness... Are you sure about this?
New Hardliner Soldier 1: Y-yes. Radical.
Radical: Fuhuhu. It's time for me to redeem myself.
New Hardliner Soldier 2: I'll show her my true power! Now, I'll prepare the ghosts, and you guys set up a trap!
New Hardliner Soldier 1: Yes!

New Hardliner Soldier 1: Fuhuhu.
New Hardliner Soldier 2: You came without knowing that it's a trap!
Elesisk Elesis: Trap? Ugh!
Radical: Hahaha! How do you like that? This is a ghost attack! Are you scared? Don't you want to scream?
Elesisk Elesis: ......Is this all you got?
Radical: Hehehe. I know that your weakness is ghosts. So I don't need to bring more soldiers.
Elesisk Elesis: Is that right?
Radical: N-No! I was told you're afraid of ghosts!
Elesisk Elesis: I was scared of ghosts. But, not anymore!
Radical: W-What do you mean?
Elesisk Elesis: You don't need to know!

Elesisk Elesis: Whew... That's good. I'm glad I brought the sacred item that Lime gave me. Oh... I left it in the room...

The Time Gap


Waiting at the top of the Tower of Disappearance was Kaze'aze and... Father.

Elesisk Elesis: I still can't understand...

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 2 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.7

Elesisk Elesis: I didn't want to reunite this way...

Mission Requirements

  • Achieve 1,000,000,000 accumulated damage to 'Dimensional Boss' with Elesis
  • Achieve 'Guild Boss' accumulated damage 150,000,000


Likability Elesis 02

Elesisk Elesis: My adventure started as chasing after my father. I've always been waiting for the moment to reunite with my father. But... But, I don't think it's a good time to be happy about reuniting.
Elscud: ......Elesis, I want to stop you.
Elesisk Elesis: Why? Why is Father... with Kaze'aze? Have you forgotten your duties?
Elscud: ......Yes, I didn't do my job properly. Instead, you did my job.
Elesisk Elesis: ???
Elscud: But, it's not the end for Kaze'aze or Ashtaroth. Soon... Grand Chase members will meet a true mastermind.

Elesisk Elesis: The Demon God... by Baldinar... And the Great Explosion that destroyed Kounat was our fault...
Elscud: You guys can't die like that. I will take care of this... You and your friends should not be involved with the past.
Elesisk Elesis: ......No. According to my father's words... Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future. So it's not guaranteed that we will fail. Won't it be better for him to let us follow him? Grand Chase pursues possibilities.
Elscud: ......Well, if I could persuade with my words, the future would not have been predicted that way... I look forward to the path that you chose. But I will go on a different path.

Elesisk Elesis: But... I couldn't say my father's story to anyone. Everything went as my father said. Dimensional Chasm that appeared at the end of Tower of Disappearance... was a trap by Heitaros. We all fell into different dimensions after the fight. But... According to my father's words, we will eventually meet again. And we will go back in time to Kounat. I'm sure I will overcome it even if the future is set. Father, I will follow the path I believe in...


Elesisk Elesis: This is the place that will allow me to go into the past. Could it? It doesn't seem to be a lie. Will I be able to return? There's no point in thinking about that now. There is no other way.

Let's Go!


Grand Chase's adventure is not over yet. The Chase continues.

Elesisk Elesis: I hope you're not tired yet!

Unlock Requirements

  • Elesis 3 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Elesis 'Likability' Lv.8

Elesisk Elesis: We are together forever!

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat 'Tank' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 100 times with Elesis and recommended BP 420,000 or higher
  • Acquire 10★ in 'Guild War'


Likability Elesis 03

Elesisk Elesis: Father's shadow was like a big burden. To meet other people's expectations, I had to fight against the darkness in front of everyone. Although there were suffering and pain, I was able to come this far thanks to my friends who supported me. Our path is clear. We need to go together.

Elesisk Elesis: Let's go!
Lirek Lire: Yes, Elesis.
Armek Arme: Yes! I'll be with you forever, Elesis!

Sword of the Ruby Knight


A Claymore that can only be possessed by the Captain of the Ruby Knights.

One night, my father woke me up in the middle of the night and handed me this sword and the title of Captain. I received the sword and just idly stared as my father left.

Ever since I was little, I hated my father more than I liked him. Most memories I have of my father is training endlessly. I have never received any gift from him, other than this sword.

I didn't love my father but...

  • Physical Attack: 1040
  • Physical Defense: 540
  • Magic Defense: 290
  • Max Health: 2560


  • Shop: Can be purchased in Guild Point Shop.
  • Fusing Heroes: Acquire randomly through Hero Fusion.
  • Treasure Chest: Can be acquired from Diamond Chest.
  • Shop: Can be acquired from Summon Shop.


Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magical Defense


TIP: You can upgrade a skill every time the hero achieves Breakthrough. Special skill cannot be enhanced.

Skill Icon
Elesis-Critical X
Critical X
15 sec(s)
"Throw a Sword Energy and cancel enemies' attack"

Throw Sword Energy towards the targeted location and enemies within the path will be dealt 123% of physical attack damage and after leaping into the airstrike down to deal 344.4% of physical attack damage along with canceling the enemy's attack.
Elesis-Mega Slash
Mega Slash
12 sec(s)
"Create a barrier around yourself and then charge attack"

After Elesis creates a personal shield (30% of maximum health) that lasts for 8 seconds on herself, she will jump into the fight and attack the enemies by slashing them consecutively to deal 252% of physical attack damage and then she will gather the enemies.
Elesis-End of Heart
End of Heart
30 sec(s)
"Cut the enemies within range multiple times and then stun them"

Elesis will jump into the targeted area and attack by swinging her sword to deal 559.7% of physical attack damage and stun the enemies for 5 seconds. After, for 10 seconds, she will increase allies' basic attack speed by 100%.
Elesis-Dauntless Leader
Dauntless Leader
40 sec(s)
"When a skill is used, allies' stats will increase"

Elesis was born with 'Leader's Qualities' and the ability of a 'Berserker'.

[Leader's Qualities]
When using skills, Elesis will continue to increase allies' stats. Allies' basic attack speed/attack damage increases by 3%. When skill maximization occurs, for 10 seconds allies' basic attack speed increases by 100%.

(Max: 30%)

When Elesis dies, she will gain 'Berserker' status. For 3 seconds, she will be invincible and recover 20% of her HP and reset her cooldowns.

Skill Icon
Elesis-LB-Critical X
Critical X
15 sec(s)
"Throw a Sword Energy and cancel enemies' attack"

Throw Sword Energy towards the targeted location and enemies within the path will be dealt 147.6% of physical attack damage and charge rapidly to deal 369% of physical attack damage along with canceling the enemy's attack. Increase damage received by enemies by 30% for 10 seconds.
Elesis-LB-Mega Slash
Mega Slash
12 sec(s)
"Create a barrier around your party members and then charge attack"

After Elesis creates a shield (30% of maximum health) that lasts for 8 seconds on allies, she will jump into the fight and attack the enemies by slashing them consecutively to deal 396% of physical attack damage and then she will gather the enemies and cancel their attack.
Elesis-LB-Dauntless Leader
Dauntless Leader
40 sec(s)
"When a skill is used, allies' stats will increase"

Elesis was born with 'Leader's Qualities' and the ability of a 'Berserker'.

[Leader's Qualities]
When using skills, Elesis will continue to increase allies' stats. Allies' basic attack speed/attack damage increases by 4.5%. This buff cannot be removed by enemy skills. When skill maximization occurs, for 10 seconds allies' basic attack speed increases by 100%. Each time a battle starts, the first skill will activate with maximizing the effect.

(Max: 36%)

When Elesis dies, she will gain 'Berserker' status. For 3 seconds, she will be invincible and recover 20% of her HP and reset her cooldowns.


Red Knight Elesis
Leader of Grand Chase Elesis
Leader who Surpassed Limits Elesis
Captain of the Ruby Knights
붉은 기사단 단장
Grand Chase Leader
그랜드 체이스 리더
Ascendant Vanguard
한계를 넘어선 리더
'Transcendence' x3

Recommended Sets

2 set is equipped
4 set is equipped
Spirit of Luck
Crit Chance 4.00 %
Every 50 seconds, acquire [Lucky Blow] effect.

[Lucky Blow]
The next skill used will activate at max.

2 set is equipped
4 set is equipped
Power of Anger
Skill Cooldown Reduction 4.00 %
When using skills, acquire [Power of Anger] effect. (Can stack up to a max of 10 times)

[Power of Anger]
For each stack, Attack Damage increases by 2% and Damage Received reduces by 2%.

Recommended Accessories

2 Skill Cooldown Reduction + 1 Base Attack Damage Reduction
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Glacial Ring
Reduce base attack damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Chasm Necklace
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Order
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
2 Skill Cooldown Reduction + 1 Critical Chance Increase
Solar Ring
Increase critical chance.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Chasm Necklace
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Order
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
2 Skill Damage Reduction + 1 Base Attack Damage Reduction
Glacial Ring
Reduce base attack damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Tank's Necklace
Reduce skill damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Resistance
Reduce skill damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %

Recommended Traits

Critical Chance Increase + Skill Cooldown Reduction + Skill Damage Increase
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5

Skill Cooldown Reduction + Skill Damage Reduction + Skill Damage Increase
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5


The First 3
Trial Forest in the Serdin Kingdom. That is where the legend began.

6★ Elesis

6★ Lire

6★ Arme
Completion Reward:Gemsx750


  • In the Korean server, Lire is released first before Elesis.
  • Elesis is the first character to have two Rare-grade avatars.
  • Dark Executor is also known as the Practitioner of Darkness.
  • Ascendant Vanguard was previously known as Leader who Breaks through Limits and The Transcendence Leader.
  • In her Lunar Year Clothes avatar, Elesis regains her original hairstyle as a Knight.
  • Baldr is an armor set shared by all playable characters in the original game.
    • Interestingly, only Elesis has worn it in all promotional artworks the set was seen at.
    • Baldr is the first Premium-grade Coordi that was not bundled with a story.
  • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Elesis' originally red eyes were changed to that color of amber.
    • Even so, there have been artworks in the original game where her eyes were tinged with amber.
  • Despite using NAGC-based information, the Ruby Knights are referred to as Red Knights in the Global servers.
  • Captain of the Ruby Knights' design is based on Elesis' fourth job Savior from the original game.
    • The design used for Ascendant Vanguard was also taken from Savior albeit in a different style.
  • There was a controversy about the initial character portrait of Ascendant Vanguard. The artwork failed to meet the expectations of the Korean community, claiming that Elesis wasn't depicted properly.
    • After receiving huge backlash, the developers had since issued an apology on October 26 and swore to update the image as soon as possible.[2]
  • In the prologue of Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Elesis was seen having an appearance similar to the eponymous character from the game Elsword.
    • Furthermore, Sword of the Ruby Knight's description says that the sword Elesis has is a Claymore, the same weapon the eponymous character uses in the said game.
  • In Dark Executor's story, it suggests that Elscud's corpse was still present during the whole fight against the False Creator despite the game where it disintegrated upon his death.


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  • "You will bleed less than the sweat you perspire."
  • "This much is nothing."
  • "What is important is not moving quickly, but moving accurately."
  • "There's no need for excuses. If it is because I am weak, then that's it."
  • "It would be best to lower your stance a bit more..."
  • "Rather than the movements of your sword, the movement of your feet is more important."
  • "For how long will we have to struggle..."
  • "I can't tell you right now. However, one day... without fail..."
  • "You must predict your opponents' movements. It is too late if you move after watching them."
  • "This was enough to make you take a rest... When do you want to start training?"
  • "I'm not teasing you. There will come a time when everyone will acknowledge you."
  • "My hair? I just forgot to cut it."
  • "Look into your opponents' eyes and not their sword."
  • "I'm Elesis. Nice to meet you."
  • "Where is he..."
  • "I still... need to become stronger."
  • "Idiot... It's not it."
  • "About my father... Sorry. However, I will explain everything later."
  • "Oh... You are a good person..."
  • "Sieghart! Please be serious!"
  • "It doesn't hurt. I can deal with it."
  • "Has it still not been found...?"
  • "I don't dislike those types of stories."
  • "Things I can do other than the sword? Nothing..."
  • "When it comes to the sword... The victor is already decided before they touch."
  • "I don't know. I still don't understand it."
  • "You think my sword is trivial?"
  • "When I step into the bath after a long training session, it feels like my body and heart are being washed clean."
  • "A dress? Clothing like that only gets in the way of battle... And it doesn't look good on me..."
  • "It's interesting. Could you tell me more?"
  • "Didn't I tell you not to tell ghost stories?"
  • "Your training will never betray you."
  • "It is not important to be quick and speedy, but rather not to give up the race. You've come back now, and we will win the race, together." (Welcome Message)


  • Red Knights is the recurring term used in the actual game. While some servers had also used the same term back in the original game, it was known as Ruby Knights in NAGC. For consistency, 'Ruby Knights' is preferred by this Wiki.



Rank-SS Rank SR
Dark Gaian
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