Elves are a species found in Grand Chase and its sequel Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser. There are two elven races introduced in the series thus far: the Forest Elves and the Dark Elves. Elves can be found with various forms throughout each dimension including Aernas. Elves can converse in Elvish, a language that is not easy to learn due to the difficulty of the words and differences in grammer.

Forest Elf

Though skilled in combat, forest elves are naturally pacifistic, preferring to avoid conflict at all costs and live in harmony. They can communicate with nature and worship the mother tree as well as the Spirit Lord of the Storm, Innadril.

Dark Elf

The dark elves are elves that live in the demon world and they are known for their dark skin and bright colored hair. Their lightweight bodies, dexterity, and affinity to magic make them experts in battle. They tend to be very aggressive and cruel and they despise lifeforms other than the ones that exist in the demon world.

It is possible for elves to become corrupted and turn into dark elves, as seen with the dark elven city of Zeruel on the continent of Archimedia where years of constant fighting with the Dwarves turned them into the savage dark elves.

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