The map of Ellia without icons.

Ellia is one of the two major continents in the world of Aernas, the other being Bermesiah. Before the addition of Archimedia, the map of Ellia in the game was supposed to represent the continent in its entirety but later on became recognized simply as the peninsula.

Ellia is the fourth region explored by the Grand Chase consisting of eight regular dungeons and one Hero Dungeon.


There is nothing else known about Ellia other than the regions in the continent that were already uncovered by the story such as Alcubra and Archimedia, as well as its peninsula.


The peninsula of Ellia became the home to the dark queen Kaze'aze and her castle sat in the mountains to the far north of the region.


Players must clear Victor's Fortress to access Ellia.


Click on the icons to view the dungeons.





  • Before the dungeon was renamed, Kamiki's Castle was known as Ellia Continent or Ellia Empire.
  • In a previous event, there were Ellian Accessories that could be purchased for 18,000 Cash as all of them provided enormous stats including where all characters can bear them.



  • While the Battle for Bermesiah is a dungeon of Ellia, its background images depict the places from Bermesiah and so were not included in the 'Locations' section of this page.



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