Ellia, located at the upper right corner

Ellia is one of two continents in the world of Aernas, the other being Bermesiah.



Map of Ellia


The Ellia peninsula is a region located to the west of the mainland that shares its name. This region is also home to the dark queen Kaze'aze, and her castle sits in the mountains to the far north.


Map of Alcubra


Alcubra is a region located directly north of the Ellia peninsula. Though mainly a desert-esque region, the southwest area of Alcubra is forested and teeming with plant life. It is home to various nomadic tribes and follows a seemingly Egyptian culture.


Map of Archimedia


Archimedia, nicknamed the Land of Endless Warfare, is the region upon which Kounat, Mari's kingdom and the first advanced civilization in Aernas, once existed. Thanks to Ashtaroth, Kounat was destroyed as a result of a huge explosion, and the crater that sits in the heart of the land marks the spot where the majestic kingdom once stood. The capital of the dwarves of Archimedia, Thunder Hammer, and the capital of the elves of Archimedia, Zeruel, are also located here. Both of their kings were vaporized in the explosion that engulfed Kounat, and, blaming each other for the cause, have been at war with each other ever since.


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